Hospital Fencing

21st October 2014

Hospital Fencing for Calderstones Trust in Lancashire

CLD Fencing Systems supply Hospital Fencing in the form of Securus Flat Panel to secure Lancashire Hospital, Calderstones.


Calderstones is a Foundation Trust based in Lancashire’s Ribble Valley.  It supports people with a learning disability who require treatment in specialist and secure services, including individuals who have a forensic history and those who present with extremes of challenging behaviour.

The Trust has won a number of awards and is a modern service, but one that respects the site’s history which goes back virtually a century to its use as a military hospital in the Great War.  The first patients were admitted after opening on 14th May 1915.  They came along the branch railway line which had been built to bring construction materials to the site.  There was a long platform with shelters to protect the wounded from the weather and enable covered access all the way to the wards.

Today only a few of the original buildings remain, with new facilities and international award-nominated energy efficient units on the main site.  CLD Fencing Systems were asked by CLA Architects in Liverpool to help in the perimeter fencing design for the Trust’s new secure unit. This project had a particularly complex performance specification and CLD worked quickly to come up with a hospital security fence design that fitted with the client’s needs and demonstrated this on a drawing. Fence height, post details and gates were important as the system had to prevent escape and personal damage. The architect being happy with the initial product design in the detail and how it works moved this forward into the construction stage of the project.

Hospital Fencing

CLD Fencing Systems manufactured the hospital security fencing for Calderstones based around our standard Securus Flat Panel System which naturally offers an anti-climb solution. We took the product and designed special posts which accepted our SafeTfix system, this provided a flush face on the inside and a tamper proof solution on the outside. The gates were designed with a continuous hinge to prevent any climbing aid and with only a small piece of the euro profile cylinder lock showing on the outside of the frame – a major benefit for the trust. Where the Securus system was required to go in 3 directions a special post was designed with SafeTfix fixings – preventing another ligature point.

Hospital Fencing

The outcome was excellent, the client was extremely happy with the finished result. The effect of Securus mesh system was subtle and unobtrusive for the environment which is a major plus point in situations like this. “Having a fence of this nature helps to boost the confidence of the staff”. It was challenging to determine the right system for the application but CLD has the experience and knowledge in working with the requirements for secure units in the healthcare sector.

Throughout the installation CLD supported the contractor by visiting the site at strategic points to assist the team. This type of support extends to all our approved contractors around the UK and training is always appreciated by main contractors and sub-contractors alike. At CLD we take care at each stage of the construction process – solutions for architects, main contractors, sub-contractors and the end client.

For more information on CLD’s work on Hospital Security Fencing get in touch at and speak to one of our experts.