Bank Security Fencing

11th November 2014

Bank Security Fencing for HSBC Bank, Leeds

CLD Fencing Systems manufactured and supplied Bank Security Fencing for HSBC Bank, Leeds.

The White Rose Office Park is a 27 acre business park three miles outside Leeds. The original home of telephone banking in the UK, is owned by a dynamic, hands-on property company which has transformed the development beyond recognition over the last 10 years.

The property is managed by Munroe K Asset Management who have an in-depth knowledge of the requirements for their clients and local area. White Rose Office Park is a challenging and continually evolving site, requiring a hands-on and flexible approach to working – particularly within a large team of external professionals.

The Architects working on this scheme were looking for a simpler and better solution for the HSBC Call Centre which incorporated a ground floor car park. The criteria was clear, simple and concise, the chosen bank security fencing system had to be open for ventilation good security and look right aesthetically. For CLD Fencing Systems the product selection was easy as the UniGril range provided everything the client and architect required.

The Safeogril Rigid Mesh Fencing System was selected by Manchester based Architects as being the perfect bank fencing solution to secure and façade the ground floor parking lot. Safeogril with its limitless height and versatile build combination made this product an easy fit to the structure under construction at the time of selection. This is a perfect example of how the product can be used to combine security and aesthetics.

The scheme also included the Securus Flat Panel System to the rear of the car park, where aesthetics were not quite so high on the agenda and more secure plant/control equipment compounds had to be constructed.

Bank Security Fencing

The fencing installer, a CLD approved contractor provided the expert installation of the bank security fencing, working alongside ourselves, the main contractor and the architect for the duration of the installation process. This provided full continuity between all parties. Collaboration with a CLD approved contractor is key to delivering a project successfully.

The Safeogril product has a mesh aperture of 136×32 and every joint is welded to ensure that the intersection is completely secure. Panels were framed with extra steel to make it possible to mount the panels in apertures formed within the building. This heavy duty system stands up to the wear and tear of many environments in which it is designed in to.

The outcome was excellent, everyone was very pleased with the overall result. One comment from the installer was ‘A very cost effective system and easy to install‘. With manufacturer support, installer experience and hard work this challenging project was delivered on time and within budget.

Product information

Safeogril features & benefits:

  • Heavy Duty for increased security
  • Infill options for enclosed areas
  • Excellent visibility for CCTV
  • Good wind and personnel loading

Securus Features & Benefits:

  • Rolled flanged posts for durability
  • Simple stepping due to post design
  • Future proof for further security upgrades
  • Excellent visibility for CCTV and ventilation

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