11th May 2015

Steel Security Fencing for South Wales Police

UK Police opt for Steel Security Fencing from CLD Fencing Systems for their Custody Suites in South Wales.

This project was challenging for all teams involved as the brief had to work. No tolerance for error could be considered with our client, South Wales Police. The facility, which consists of two 42-cell custody suite and modern offices in Bridgend and Merthyr Tydfil will increase the efficiency of policing across the South Wales area. The suite replaces outdated cells in Pontypridd and Ton Pentre and will be used for detainees from across Rhondda Cynon Taff and Merthyr Tydfil.

Specification of product was key for success as the facilities had to provide a safe, secure registration, interview, detention and processing of persons in custody and comply with home office regulations.

The correct understanding of policy and practices for custody staff was also important to speed up the design decisions for the project architect. BIM was used throughout the project to demonstrate where components were to be fitted and it also created a full 3D model to give a full visual impact of the project. CLD has a number of BIM objects and families ready for specification.

The solution needed for this type of project was clear from the start as it pointed very conclusively to our high security fencing range. The Securus Flat Panel Fencing System was chosen in conjunction with the architect Archial Norr as the best system for the job as it gave some very clear advantages.

  •      Secure
  •      Good visibility
  •      Anti – Climb
  •      Home office approved Mesh

The force says the facility will enable prisoners to be dealt with more efficiently, allowing police officers to return to local streets more quickly after any arrest. A purely modern approach with a modern look, the Securus Flat Panel Fencing System ticked all the right boxes.

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