School Playground Fencing

21st August 2015

School Playground Fencing for Three Uxbridge Schools

Three Uxbridge Schools benefit from CLD Fencing Systems School Playground Fencing and received significant savings for combined orders.

Main contractor Farrans Construction based in Northern Ireland won the contract for The Uxbridge Schools: Hillingdon Primary School, Rabbsfarm Primary School and John Loche Academy, a mix of new build and refurbishments on a design & build basis.

The initial client architect designed in a generic fence with a performance specification for perimeter security, this met the needs of the client (London Borough of Hillingdon) and requirements for the tender process. At tender stage CLD contacted the relevant companies to ascertain the actual design objectives. Secured by Design was quickly identified as the main driver in all three projects. As well as importantly ensuring that a high standard of security is achieved in all areas of the school boundary and access points, Secured by Design also enables the contractor to claim BREEAM points to achieve BREEAM excellence rating for the project.


School Playground Fencing

The solution became very simple and obvious. Collaboration with all parties throughout the design and construction process led to the desired result. We looked at the projects as one job and answered all the requirements for the design objectives at an early stage. We then worked with the main contractor and a CLD approved contractor to demonstrate the potential economies of scale that could be achieved by procuring all sites together.

School Playground Fencing

When sites are ordered together and processed as one factory order all processes from early manufacturing through to final delivery are combined so the overall handling and time spent at the numerous stages are spread across the greater volume and this is the direct saving we pass back up the line.

This approach was beneficial for all parties and the design architect was happy as the design objectives were met consistently across all sites. The main contractor was satisfied as the cost advantages were passed on and any documentation, product guarantees were consistent, the CLD approved contractor gained even more as they were able to plan and confirm their program of works ahead of time, and again the combined contract size created its own installation economies.

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