Military Fencing RAF Akrotiri

1st June 2016

Military Fencing – RAF Akrotiri

CLD Fencing Systems supplies 6km of High Security Military Fencing for RAF Akortiri.

Royal Air Force Station Akrotiri, once again stands as a bastion of security on the island of Cyprus after the successful installation of almost 6km of Securus High Security Military Fencing, manufactured and supplied by CLD Fencing Systems.

In October last year, RAF Akrotiri hit the headlines when 114 refugees from the Middle East landed at the British Sovereign b The base, a critical front line station for the MoD and Royal Air Force, was reported to have unsecured areas of the fence line, with reports that anyone could “just walk in” made by the Mail on Sunday on the 25th October.

CLD Fencing Systems was approached by the Cyprus Service Provider (C.S.P J.V Ltd), who are the successful ISP contractor carrying out the vast majority of maintenance, refurbishments and operational works within the British Bases, to design and tender a new High Security Military Fencing Solution that would offer a high level of perimeter security with defence against multi-threat attacks.

Military Fencing RAF Akrotiri

With it being approved for Government Use the Securus Rigid Mesh High Security Fencing System was the ideal perimeter security solution to offer a new level of protection for this vital British Overseas Base. To meet the harsh environmental conditions from exposure to the sea and aviation fuel, CLD Fencing Systems looked to provide a product that would not only meet the needs of the station but stand up to the rigors of daily life by specially coating the fence in a PVC marine grade coating that is far more resilient to such environments than standard Polyester Powder Coating.

Military Fencing RAF Akrotiri

The fencing was shipped from CLD Fencing Systems UK Manufacturing Plant; in Cheshire, over the Christmas period to fit in with the operations of the base and it has now been successfully installed by local fencing contractors working for the service provider.

As the United Kingdom’s largest manufacturer and supplier of Rigid Mesh Fencing Systems and Security Gates, CLD Fencing Systems is one of the market leader in perimeter security around the world. Which is why, from the Ministry of Defence to multinational Oil and Gas projects clients seek CLD’s expert advice on the security of their perimeter every day.