Decorative Landscape Fencing

8th March 2017

Decorative Landscape Fencing | Bespoke Fence Designs

Can a fence be a work of art?

When you think about fencing what are the first things that come into your mind? Maybe you have never considered it anything more than a barrier to prevent people entering your property? However, can the style and design of the fence add to the property and can it be a work of art?

For over 40 years CLD Fencing Systems has been the market leader in the manufacturer and supply of Rigid Mesh Fencing around the globe. In that time, they have looked at how fencing can be introduced not just as a means of security but also as a key part of the landscaping of the project. This drive for aesthetics has led to many innovations in the design and use of fencing manufactured and supplied by CLD Fencing Systems over this time.

Decorative Garden Fence

From the natural Stone Fence; which encapsulates a wealth of ideas with the use of different materials to fill the fence line through to the ultra-modern UniGrill range which takes your fencing to another architectural level. CLD Fencing Systems is trying to change the way you view your fencing options and help you create a new design landscape.

Decorative Landscape Fencing

Such was the idea when The Sir Robert Ogden Macmillan Centre in Harrogate wanted to incorporate a fence into the design of their new facility. Rather than place a fence that would just provide screening they wanted to make a work of art that the patients could look out upon as they received treatment or visited the centre. CLD Fencing Systems worked to create a Corten Screen; laser cut with a design from Jo Fairfax Studios that would change the way in which people viewed fencing.

Animal Enclosure Chester Zoo

But that wasn’t the only one, when HRH The Queen opened Chester Zoos £2m gateway to conservation, they needed a fence that wouldn’t look out of place with the new park entrance.  Looking at the design schemes for the Zoo they contacted CLD Fencing Systems to provide a fencing solution that would give an organic look to the area. Designing the Stone Fence to cover the area and using local stone to match with the surrounding area this really was a fence fit for a Queen.

Bank Security Fencing

Lastly the Unigrill range was used to create a light and open area at the White Rose Office Park near Leeds that was to become the home to HSBC. Using the Secureogril system they were able to create strong modern lines in the buildings design with no impact on the security.

So yes your fencing can become a work of art, its style and design can add to the property and more importantly it can allow you to shape the landscape around you.