Temporary Fencing Solution

8th March 2017

Temporary Fencing Solution Approved by Network Rail

CLD Fencing Systems help make Cruden Construction’s site safe for construction with Temporary Fencing Solution.

When Cruden Construction looked at beginning work on their new site in Salford, Manchester they had one major concern to address before work could begin. Along one side of the perimeter backs directly onto the busy network rail Manchester to Liverpool line. This line sees over 7.6 million passengers each year making it one of the busiest lines in the North West, so they required a Temporary Fencing Solution to keep the railway track safe during construction.

Whilst a number of different temporary fencing systems were proposed for this key area of the site, none of them were able to provide the assurances required for Network Rail on the wind load aspect to prevent the fence being blown onto the line. Thanks to the unique design of CLD Fencing Systems FenceSafe temporary fencing system with Eclipse Mesh; Termstall Ltd were successful in proposing the system to both Cruden and Network Rail.

Temporary Fencing Solution

Each FenceSafe Temporary Fencing system comes with its own site specific wind load calculations as standard, which allowed Network Rail to approve the fencing system for use next to the line. The system was installed by Termstall Ltd and has proven to be not only a fantastic feature to a busy site, but also one that has withstood the various storms and high winds that have hit the United Kingdom over the last few weeks.

Matched with its increased security aspects, Cruden Construction continue to operate a safe and secure site without the fear of causing one of the busiest rail lines being blocked by errant temporary fencing as proven during the 90+mph winds experienced at the site during Storm Dorris.