Temporary Barrier Fencing Welsh Water

1st August 2017

Temporary Barrier Fencing – Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water

Skanska innovate temporary barrier fencing at Glascoed WTW for Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water.

Skanska, a capital delivery partner of Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water, have innovated barrier fencing and safety at the Glascoed Water Treatment Works for their staff, through the use of FenceSafe Eclipse Temporary Barrier Fencing at 1.2m high across the site.

Work began on the site earlier this year and maintained a focus of delivering innovative and sustainable solutions that make a positive and lasting difference to Welsh Water customers. Issues with a busy site and multiple specialists working under the Skanska family required the safety aspect of offering a protected walk way around the areas of the site to be considered.

Standard barrier fencing, whilst suitable for many applications becomes damaged and offers no security at all in preventing people moving it to create ‘short-cuts’. Mark Osborne, Site Manager for Skanska said; “When we saw the FenceSafe system we knew it was perfect for this site.” He continued “It has been installed for months now and all we hear are positives about the look and safety it provides us.

Temporary Barrier Fencing Welsh Water

Manufactured and supplied at a height of 1.2m the system was delivered on time and on budget. It provides a sustainable barrier fencing system with a 100% recycled plastic base and at least 90% recycled British and European Steel in the barrier fencing system. Having zero ground strike has enabled Skanska to not only use the FenceSafe as a barrier fencing system but also to use extra bases to assemble signage around the site.

Temporary Barrier Fencing Welsh Water

Emergency alarms and mandatory safety signs have been affixed with ease to the system around the site and it continues to offer a safe working and transit area for the contractors on site. FenceSafe is designed, manufactured and supplied by CLD Fencing Systems, the United Kingdom’s largest manufacturer and supplier of Rigid Mesh Fencing and Security Gates. For over 40 years we have innovated the physical perimeter security industry.

For more information on FenceSafe please visit www.fencesafe.co.uk

For more information on the work Skanska are carrying out with Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water please visit http://www.skanska.co.uk/expertise/projects/199351/Welsh-Water-AMP-6-Framework