Decorative Stone Fence

25th May 2018

Decorative Stone Fence – Titanic Walkway Belfast

300m of Decorative Stone Fence helps the Titanic Walkway shine.

A new walkway connecting the Titanic Slipways to HMS Caroline and the Thompson Dock has opened to five-star reviews for its commitment to The Belfast Agenda. Designed and built “to protect and enhance our environment and build environment” it features one of the longest runs of Decorative Stone Fence in the United Kingdom.

Decorative Stone Fence

Work began in June 2017, when MacAvoy Contracts approached CLD Fencing Systems, the United Kingdom’s largest manufacturer and supplier of Rigid Mesh Fencing Systems and Security Gates. The project required a natural fencing system that would screen the multiple areas of the 185-acre Titanic Quarter that the Titanic Walkway would border.

Decorative Stone Fence

Gaius Roberts, Senior Sales Executive with CLD Fencing Systems said “MacAvoy first contacted us as their client Titanic Quarter Ltd has seen our Stone Fence system and wanted to utilise it in the new project.” He continued, “working alongside MacAvoy allowed us to create a feature for the whole project.”

James Eyre, Commercial Director of Titanic Quarter said “We are delighted to see the completion of the Titanic Walkway. The Titanic Walkway now provides a seamless connection between our maritime heritage assets from the heart of the city centre to HMS Caroline and the Thompson Dock. We are very grateful for the support and dedication from all our partners, delivering these magnificent projects.”

In total over 300m of 2.4m Decorative Stone Fence was manufactured and shipped to Belfast by the team at CLD Fencing Systems. Local stone was sourced for the infill which helped cut down on both transport costs and the carbon footprint of the project.

Stone Fence comes in a range of finishes and heights and can be bespoke configured to match the requirements of your projects.