Palisade Fencing vs Mesh Fencing

16th August 2018

Palisade Fencing vs Mesh Fencing

Palisade Fencing vs Mesh Fencing | Advantages and Disadvantages

Palisade Fencing has been around for almost 100 years whilst Mesh Fencing is a relative new comer to the physical perimeter protection industry only being introduced in the 1990s. However, Rigid Mesh has continued to disrupt the market place as systems have been developed and is now specified on a number of projects that would have previously been specified as Palisade Fencing.

At CLD Fencing Systems, we think Mesh Fencing is the future but we wanted to look at the advantages and disadvantages of both systems. How does Palisade Fencing stack up against Mesh?



What is mesh fencing?

Wire mesh fencing is made from steel wires which are welded together for a highly durable, strong structure. This type of fencing has become popular across a wide range of industries thanks to its adaptable and low maintenance nature, making it the perfect security application for a selection of sectors including:

  • Airports fencing
  • Utilities fencing
  • Data centre fencing
  • School fencing
  • High security fencing
  • Temporary fencing
  • Sports fencing
  • Zoo and wildlife park fencing

Mesh fencing can come in two forms; rolled mesh and rigid mesh. Here at CLD Fencing Systems, we offer a huge variety of options including profiled, double wire and 358 mesh styles – so whatever your requirements, we’re confident we can help!

Thanks to its construction, mesh fencing is ideal for protecting premises without restricting view. It ensures that all angles are in sight at all times, reducing the risk of a security breach and adding to its aesthetic appeal.

One of the main benefits of mesh fencing is its versatility, being available in a range of thicknesses, styles and finishes for a more attractive or practical security solution depending on your particular needs. Our mesh fencing can be adapted to suit a variety of different uses, without compromising on efficacy, and we’ve become trusted UK mesh fencing suppliers for a range of well-known companies and brands.

What is palisade fencing? 

Palisade fencing, also referred to as stakewall or a paling, is a more traditional form of security fencing, which has been used for many decades. Now typically considered outdated in many industries, palisade fencing is usually made from iron or wooden stakes which are then structured to align vertically, with no space in between. They are most commonly identified by their pointed tops, designed to prevent breaches of security.

One of the major benefits of palisade fencing is the cost, as the materials are considerably cheaper than steel mesh fencing. However, it is important to note that wooden or iron palisade fencing is not as long-lasting or durable, and therefore requires a lot of upkeep that can be costly over time.

Palisade fencing also lacks strength when compared to steel mesh fencing, which is one of the reasons it is slowly being used less. Most palisade fencing can be damaged or broken entirely within a matter of minutes.

Although simple and affordable, palisade fencing offers much less in the way of aesthetic appeal and can’t usually be tailored to meet custom requirements in the same way that steel mesh fencing can. Due to its construction, it can also pose a security risk as it can easily disturb visibility at certain angles.

What are the advantages of fencing?

Security fencing is a crucial element for a wide range of industries. Not least for the protection of employees and visitors of the premise, but also for public and wildlife to remain safe.

It is because of just how versatile fencing is that, here at CLD Fencing Systems; we work alongside an all manner of industries to supply bespoke and custom fencing solutions to suit specific demands.

The advantages of fencing are numerous, and include:

  • Security – whether in a built-up area or an area that poses a greater risk, having appropriate fencing can deter intruders, making it more difficult to cause damage within the perimeter of the fencing.
  • Safety – for some industries and individuals, fencing is imperative for increased personal safety. This is true for certain sectors such as the education sector where schools may need to rely upon school fencing to keep staff and children safe. It can also be true of high-profile individuals or those who feel they are at a greater risk perhaps due to where they live.
  • Access control – many industries rely on security fencing to control visitor flow-through, but with this comes effective security gates. This can prove to be vital in ensuring that unwanted visitors are kept out and that close monitoring can be carried out at all times.
  • Long-term protection – erecting appropriate fencing does not only work to solve immediate issues but is also a stable long-term solution to keep an area and its individuals protected.
  • Long-term value for money – although the initial cost of fencing may be substantial; high-quality, durable and long-lasting fencing like ours can make an incredibly sound investment that lasts for the long-term.
  • Aesthetic appeal – at CLD Fencing Systems, we’re passionate about what we do, and more so we believe that effective fencing doesn’t have to be unsightly or ugly. We can adapt your fencing to be in keeping with the look and feel of your building and have a range of fixtures and fittings to choose from for an aesthetically appealing fence.

 The below guide gives the positives and negatives of both security fencing systems, we look at three key areas for these…

  • Aesthetics – How does it shape up visually
  • Standard Security – What do ‘off the shelf’ fencing systems provide and what weaknesses do they have
  • True Costs – From Installation time to Maintenance what is the true cost of the fencing systems
Palisade Fencing

Palisade Fencing


  • Strong look of Steel and Security Topping with Tri-Tip Palisade
  • Can appear dated in appearance
  • Visibility can be reduced and restricted to certain angles
  • Available in a wide range of RAL Colours

Standard Security

  • Tri-tip Palisade has inbuilt Security Topping to prevent scaling
  • D Pale Palisade is normally broken into with a hammer in under 12 seconds and can be hidden
  • W Pale Palisade is normally broken into with a hacksaw in under 10 seconds but would show where the pale was cut
  • External Fixings can be attacked with chisle and hammer to shear off

True Costs

  • Can require intensive maintenance due to ease of attack and hiding where it has been attacked
  • Normally has a longer installation time compared to Mesh Fencing
  • Individual Pales can be replaced when damaged
  • Starts from around £27 per LNM for 2.4m Fencing
Mesh Fencing

Mesh Fencing


  • 3 Difference types; Profiled, Double Wire and 358 Mesh Styles
  • Modern and Contemporary Appearance
  • Clear View through for Line of Sight and CCTV
  • Available in a vast range of RAL Colours

Standard Security

  • 358 Mesh Panels offer Anti-Climb Fencing
  • Profiled Mesh Panels have 30mm Projections to prevent scaling
  • Double Wire Mesh Panels have 30mm Projections to prevent scaling and double horizontal wires up to 8mm each to prevent cutting
  • Most Systems come as standard with security fixings

True Costs

But don’t just take our word on it…

In 2014 the Architectural Liaison Officer for Devon and Cornwall Constabulary; Paul Shepherd raised the following concerns in regards to the proposed use of 2.5m Palisade Fencing on a new biomass energy facility in Plymouth.

He said “On the application (14/01637/FUL), it has been specified that the applicant proposes to install 2.5meter high metal palisade fencing. There are issues with this type of fencing which I have listed below. In place of palisade I would recommend a 2.5 (2430mm) weld mesh fencing system in black. This would allow greater natural surveillance through the fencing into the site.”

He continues by saying “Palisade fencing has been popular with industrial and commercial premises. Although the initial purchase can be considered inexpensive, long-term it can be costly due to higher maintenance/repairs and security experts consider it to be less effective than alternative products.”

So which fencing system will you use on your next project? Why not check out our range of Mesh Fencing Systems and find one that is perfect for your clients.


For more information on our Mesh Fencing Systems visit our Perimeter Security Products.