High Security Fencing Defence

28th January 2019

High Security Fencing for Major UK Defence Manufacturer

CLD Fencing Systems and Allen TPS help protect defence site

When a major UK based defence manufacturer needed to upgrade their physical perimeter, they turned to CLD Fencing Systems and Allens Total Perimeter Security for the ultimate solution. Based in the South of England, the defence company has been a world leader within its field for over 70 years.

Work began on the project back in 2016; when CLD Fencing Systems worked with the client on specifying a solution for its headquarters and production site. Working within a secure environment the project required the highest level of security fencing and physical access control. As a member of CLD’s Approved Contractors Scheme (ACS) Allens TPS secured the installation work in 2018 with final completion on the latest phase in early 2019.

CLD Fencing Systems has a number of fencing systems that are ‘Approved for Government Use’ to offer protection to Critical National Infrastructure sites around the UK. Due to the nature of the end client business, the Securus SR1 system was selected to offer the highest level of protection and defence.

Securus SR1 is unique in the high security fencing marketplace due to the ability to upgrade the system. With the addition of a second ‘skin’ and a number of security fixings the system can be transformed from an LPS 1175 SR1 system to SR2; tripling its minimum delay against attack. This allows the client to ‘upgrade’ its fence line in the future; without major work being required, should the threat level change.

High Security Fencing Defence

In total over 1 kilometre of Securus SR1 and associated swing and sliding gates have been installed on the project.

A representative of the defence manufacturer said; “Working alongside CLD Fencing Systems and Allens throughout the project has allowed a constant review of our requirements to meet our future needs. As we expand the site and production facilities, we now have the ability to keep staff and assets secured and protected for many years to come.”

CLD Fencing Systems is the United Kingdom’s largest manufacturer of Rigid Mesh Fencing Systems and Security Gates. In 2018 it shipped almost 4km of Rigid Mesh Fencing Systems a day from its Cheshire Based headquarters around the globe.

Allens Total Perimeter Security is a market leader in the installation of high security fencing systems and physical access control. Established in 1950; it has provided effective security solutions throughout the United Kingdom and Europe for almost 70 years.