Forest Fence for BIFoR

25th February 2019

CLDs Forest Fence Protects BIFoR – The Futuristic Forest

CLD Fencing Systems helps world-leading research facility, BIFoR to protect the future of our forests around the globe with 358 forest fence and gate system.

Funded by a £15m donation, the 10-year Free-Air Carbon Enrichment Plan (FACE) takes 30-meter patches of 160-year old oak trees established in English woodland and studies how forests will respond to future increases in atmospheric Carbon Dioxide (Co2).

Due to the nature of the site, it was critical that there was a forest fence system in place to protect the trees and the equipment during the 10-year research plan. Knowing that if there was any interference with the landscape, it could jeopardise the whole study and delay in the saving of our planet.

Work began on site in 2015 and was complete just a year later, 3 years on CLD revisit the site to find that the fenceline had slightly changed its colour…

Working alongside Park Lane Fencing Ltd, CLDs Securus-Lite was chosen for the project, matched with a range of double and single leaf Lockmaster Swing Gates at 3-meter high. Not only the most cost-effective high security system on the market, it is manufactured from 90% British and European steel, allowing CLD to match the ‘green’ aspect of the project.

Galvanised and polyester powder coated in a dark green (RAL 6005), it blends in perfectly with the stunning woodland landscape. The 15-year guarantee, which is available on all CLD systems, provides peace of mind that the security will outlast the project.

The challenge faced by CLD was keeping a hard-wearing boundary around the project at all times whilst allowing for the passage of natural species and wildlife into the site. This lead to the design of bespoke animal gates so that badgers, foxes and small deer could pass through as they wish.

For more information on our systems visit our Perimeter Security Solutions.