HS2 Temporary Fence

11th September 2019

HS2 Temporary Fence – Old Oak Common Enabling Works

When it opens in 2026, Old Oak Common will become the best-connected rail station in the United Kingdom; servicing over 250,000 passengers passing through the super-hub every single day. However, in 2019 it is currently a plot of brownfield land the size of Hyde Park that has required extensive demolition of the former Great Western Railway sheds and satellite sites. This work has required the establishment of a secure perimeter that fits within HS2 Temporary Fence requirements.

CLD Fencing Systems caught up with Simon Ray, Company Director at JR Hoarding and Fencing Limited to discuss the project and see how their FenceSafe HS2 temporary fence system has helped JR Hoarding and Costain Skanska JV (CSjv) to provide a safe and secure working environment for the various work forces on the site.

HS2 Temporary Fence

What becomes apparent the second that you see the scope of the enabling works at Old Oak Common; is the grand scale, of just this one part of the HS2 project. Simon explains that this is just one of the seven sites that JR Hoarding are keeping secure for CSjv on behalf of HS2 Ltd.

J R Hoarding and Fencing Limited were introduced to the FenceSafe System at their tendering stage for the work on the sites. Previously they would have deployed either standard Chain Link or Heras temporary fencing. However, on discussing the benefits of the specified HS2 temporary fence system with CLD Fencing Systems, they saw the ability to innovate the physical perimeter protection aspect of the project.

HS2 Temporary Fence

“It’s a very easy system to install and the more we are installing the quicker we can put this system up. So, it’s a very good system to deploy quickly” explained Simon as he spoke about how JR Hoarding had adapted to installing the FenceSafe system.

He continued by saying “We have now gone away from the traditional systems and not only are we using this across the board on all HS2 sites that we are contracted to work on, but are also using it on other sites in the main construction industry, on regular sites; based in London and all over the UK.”

Work is due to continue on the site as more FenceSafe is installed to protect and demarcate the next phase of work at Old Oak Common Lane. This will involve the establishment of a new perimeter to encompass a further site for clearing and demolition work, preparing the way for HS2 main works to commence.

Since the start of the HS2 enabling works, CLD Fencing Systems has manufactured and supplied over 15kms of their range of FenceSafe HS2 Temporary Fence Systems to multiple sites on the route. From FenceSafe Eclipse to FenceSafe SR1; the only LPS 1175 Security Rated Temporary Fencing System on the marketplace; CLD Fencing Systems and JR Hoarding and Fencing Limited are helping to reshape high speed rail and intercity connectivity in the United Kingdom.