FenceSafe Temporary Fencing

2nd April 2020

FenceSafe Temporary Fencing – Permanent Solutions in a Temporary Format

Back in 2016, CLD Fencing Systems launched a ‘Revolution in Temporary Security Fencing’ in the form of FenceSafe. Since then, CLD Fencing Systems has gone on to develop multiple versions of FenceSafe in a range of temporary mesh systems including Profiled, Twin Wire and 358 all of which offer the same security and safety as their permanent counterparts.

But a major question is ‘What FenceSafe product is the best option for my next project?’

We wanted to answer this question by addressing the various ranges of FenceSafe products, whilst featuring characteristics and advantages of using these system for your next project.


The Patented Cantilever Bases


Let’s start with the secret of the FenceSafe systems foundation free installation and rapid deployment anywhere… the patented bases.

When you’re in need of physical security fencing that withstands physical force, FenceSafes ballasted patented bases are designed to withstand winds in excess of 100mph conforming to BS EN 1991 for Wind Loading.

Features of FenceSafe’s Cantilever Bases:

  • 4 way adjustable brackets
  • Fork entry points for easy site lifting and movement allowing for fast installation and adjustments
  • Anti-jam pins for ease of stacking
  • 200kg loose or bagged ballast patented base resisting physical forces.
  • 100% recycled bases


FenceSafe Temporary Fencing

FenceSafe Eclipse


FenceSafe Eclipse was the first temporary mesh fencing system to offer permanent solutions in temporary format.

It offers a profiled fencing solution using a 5 on 5 wire system, with a mesh aperture of 200 x 50mm creating a more robust panel than its successor, 4 on 5 wire systems.

Heights vary between 1.23m to 3.03m depending on the perimeter security needed for a specific project.

Additionally, FenceSafe Eclipse posts and panels are also manufactured to be galvanised and powder coated.


Advantages of using FenceSafe Eclipse-60:

  • Robust panel due to the 5mm wire system both horizontally and vertically in order to resist forces better than the weaker 4 on 5 systems,
  • Profiled panels attached with secure fixings to protect against attack,
  • Designed specifically for site security it features 30mm project spikes to delay scaling.
  • For lower level security physical perimeter security on a budget.
FenceSafe Temporary Fencing

FenceSafe Dulok-Lite


If your next project requires further rigidity and security then FenceSafe’s Dulok-Lite range is the option for you.

With 656 twin wires, 5mm verticals and 6mm horizontals, and mesh apertures of 200 x 50mm it offers increased rigidity and security due to the double wire design.

FenceSafe Dulok-Lite heights vary from 1.83m to 3.03m with a flat panel width of 2506mm. Manufactured to be galvanised and polyester powder coated on both posts and panels.


Advantages of using FenceSafe Dulok-Lite:

  • With 656 double wires and 200 x 50mm, it offers an anti-cut-through system to protect against intrusions,
  • Rigidity of Dulok-Lite is doubled thanks to the twin wires alongside the wind rated BS EN 1991 ballasted bases withstanding 100mph winds,
  • Like the Eclipse-60 solution, Dulok-Lite also features 30 mm projecting spikes to prevent scaling,
  • Applications vary from schools, sports grounds and sites looking to protect their premises,


FenceSafe Temporary Fencing

FenceSafe LPS 1175 SR1


FenceSafe SR1 is the world’s first LPS 1175 Security Rated Temporary Fencing System. If your next project requires the highest of physical security but with zero ground strike, then FenceSafes SR1 system is the choice to make.

With a standard height of 2.4m, it features anti-climb panels in the form of 76.2 x 12.5mm mesh apertures with additional security toppings available to further prevent scaling.

Manufactured to ISO 9001:2015 and conforming to BS 1722 Part 14 for open mesh steel panel fences.


Advantages of using FenceSafe SR1:

  • For added security to your premises, FenceSafe SR1 is tested and certified to LPS 1175 SR1 standards and Secured by Design accredited,
  • The 76.2 x 12.5mm mesh apertures provide the system with effective anti-climb properties,
  • The whole system is secured in place with CLD Fencing Systems SafeTFix hidden fixings, meaning no external fixings are visible to the attack face,
  • To increase physical security further, additional security toppings can be added to prevent climb over,
  • Applications for this system include those of the highest physical security such as MoD projects and High Security sites.

Whether it’s lower level physical security or high security premises that need protecting, FenceSafes Temporary Mesh Fencing Systems is the right solution for your next project.

In these uncertain times we wanted to shine a light and offer some guidance on our temporary fencing solutions in order to make an informed decision, answering the common question…


‘Which FenceSafe Temporary Fencing System should be used for my next project?’