COVID-19 Affecting Domestic Crime

2nd June 2020

The Hot Topic – How has COVID-19 Affected Domestic Crime?

When people think of burglaries, they usually imagine an individual sneaking around in the dead of night. However, surprisingly most burglaries are committed during the daytime whilst many of us go to work, meaning intruders are less likely to be disturbed.

But with most of us staying in and working from home during this COVID-19 lockdown, you’d think residential properties and homes would be safe from these opportunistic thieves… although that sadly isn’t the case. Many people have reported that although their houses have been safe from theft; vehicles and outbuildings have been targeted due to lack of security surrounding them.

COVID-19 Affecting Domestic Crie

Do you know how to keep your shed or garage secure to protect yourself from burglary? It’s not uncommon for people not to secure their shed or garage in the same way they do their home.” (Spokesperson for Hampshire Constabulary)

This quote was taken from a Constabulary situated in Hampshire after they saw an increased number of outbuilding and vehicle theft during the COVID-19 outbreak. And they aren’t the only region in Britain facing this particular crime wave.

COVID-19 Affecting Domestic Crie

Residents in the Cheshire area have been targets of outbuilding and vehicle criminal activity during their time in lockdown. According to police reports they received calls from around 50 residents regarding burglaries within a space of week throughout the Cheshire area.

So why do we consider our outbuildings and vehicles as a second thought when it comes to theft and crime? We ensure our houses are locked and windows are closed as to not invite criminals, but we leave garages open and sheds protected by a single padlock. With a new normal surrounding work and our social lives, should we not consider an updated outlook on outbuilding protection?

But how exactly can you prevent these crimes and protect your premises from burglary? Many people don’t have appropriate physical security around their homes and have very little security measures put in place to detect, deter and delay thieves coming onto their property. The installation of physical security measures can be easily fitted but can help detect and deter any potential intruders looking to enter your premises.

Since lockdown was imposed back in March, many companies have decided to allow their employees to permanently or temporarily work from home, which means many of us will be home more often than before the COVID-19 outbreak. So, what does this mean for domestic crime? From what we have seen throughout lockdown, many people will need to consider the same level of security for their outbuildings and vehicles as they do for their home security.