SAN-Gress Hand Sanitisation Unit

12th June 2020

SAN-Gress Automatic Hand Sanitisation Unit – For Safer Environments

During this global pandemic outbreak, we have seen first-hand just how easily and quickly viruses can spread. From product contamination to protecting the wellbeing of your employees and customers, it’s been difficult to control. COVID-19 has spread to nearly every country since it first emerged in China at the beginning of 2020. At the start of the outbreak, the UK’s R rate had sat between 2.4 and 4, however, with the implementation of an enforced lockdown that number has been cut by at least two thirds.

With the R rate decreasing and many non-essential workers now heading back to work, new health and safety measures have been implemented in order to control the virus whilst keeping people safe. That’s where the SAN-Gress Automatic Hand Sanitisation Unit comes in, for a safer and sanitised environment; an access control system by The Fence Shop – TFS, a division of the CLD Group of companies.

SAN-Gress Hand Sanitisation Unit

SAN-Gress Hand Sanitisation Unit

So, What is the New SAN-Gress Automatic Hand Sanitisation Unit and How Can it Help?

The SAN-Gress is an access control device designed to allow entry only after hands have been sanitised. Introducing a unit that only grants entry when hands have been thoroughly cleansed with a powerful sanitiser can instantly cut the risk of cross-contamination and could potentially reduce absenteeism.

Manufactured in the UK to exceptional standards it offers businesses protection for their employees whilst giving customers added confidence that you’re following COVID-19 health and safety guidelines to keep them safe.

Hand Sanitisation - CLD Fencing

How Does it Work?

When a user places their hands into the two compartments provided, the sensor within the device will detect your hands and trigger the pump, dispensing the sanitising fluids. The SAN-Gress unit pumps will administer the sanitising fluids from the top and bottom, coating both sides of the user’s hands.

Once the sanitising fluid has been administered, remove hands and rub them together to distribute the sanitiser all over before touching any surfaces to reduce contamination. If the SAN-Gress system is connected to the entryway, the green light will show, unlocking the door and granting access.

After a set length of time, the system will reset by showing the red light, indicating readiness for the next user.

What are the Features of SAN-Gress Automatic Hand Sanitisation Unit?

  • Access Control and Stand-a-lone capabilities
  • Up to 25,000 dispenses before refill
  • 3 full packages to suit multiple usage requirements
  • Refill warning system
  • Simple traffic light user interface
  • Sanitiser dispensed on both sides of the hand for even coverage
  • Processes up to 30 people a minute (dependant on access control system)
  • High quality UK manufactured
  • Interior and Exterior model (IP65 rated)


Whether it’s used as an access control system or a stand-a-lone unit for hand sanitisation, SAN-Gress Automatic Hand Sanitisation Unit is the right solution; helping organisations implement the new health and safety guidelines and keep employees, visitors and customers safe.

If you are interested in the SAN-Gress Automatic Hand Sanitisation Unit then please get in touch with our sister company The Fence Shop – TFS, who are part of the CLD Group of companies, on 01270 527470 or visit the TFS Website