358 Mesh Fencing

18th September 2020

Product Spotlight – Securus AC MK II

Back in 2019, LPCB launched a brand-new version of their LPS 1175 in the form of Issue 8. In true CLD Fencing Systems style, it allowed us to develop a new security fencing solution to measure up to the new threats, attack tools and methods… and so Securus AC MK II was established with a double layer of mesh, off-site assembly during the manufacturing process allowing for a minimum of 2 person installation perfect for high security projects and sites.


  • Height: 2.4m & 3.0m
  • Mesh Size: 76.2m x 12.5m
  • Wire Diameter: 4mm (horizontals and verticals)
  • Wire is flush on all edges
  • Fence Cassette Weight at 2.4m High: 165.65kg
  • Fence Cassette Weight at 3.0m High: 203.05kg


Target Audience for Securus AC MK II

CLD Fencing Systems Securus AC MK II is a great option for those looking for the highest level of protection for their projects or sites. With only 11 visible external fixings and the option to add additional security toppings to the system, this solution is the right choice for projects such as Wastewater Sites, Airports & Ports, Police & Military Bases and Data Centres. ­­­­


Standout Features:

  • 358 anti-climb double layer fencing system to BS 1722 Part 14: 2017
  • Has only 11 visible external fixings
  • Fence Cassettes are manufactured off site for reduced installation time compared to the Securus SR2 AC
  • LPS 1175 Issue 8 B3 (SR2) Tested and Certified whilst also holding a Secured by Design Certificate

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I add additional security toppings to this system?
Yes, the post is adequate to take additional topping, up to 1.0m in diameter, including razor wire and barbed wire.

2. Will the system accommodate gradients?
Yes, we can design the system to suit any site-specific gradients, within the scope of our test data.

3. Why the Securus AC MK II?
The twin skin 358 gives maximum security, with minimal fixings on the attack face, all pre-assembled off site.

4. Will the system work well with CCTV?
Yes, with only 5 additional uprights per bay, the overall visibility through the fence line is market leading, making it compatible with CCTV.

5. Can the fence be custom designed?
Yes, we can offer any RAL colour, any height from 2.4m to 4.2m and the choice of either base-plated or dug in systems.

6. What about access control points?
CLD Fencing Systems offers the SR2 swing and sliding gates, and can also offer SR rated emergency access gates, turnstiles and bi-folding gates.

Frequently Asked Questions

7. Can we install this system as a temporary measure?

Yes, the Securus AC MK II is also tested and certified to work with our MODSEC surface mounted system, enabling clients to construct semi-permanent SR2 fencing.

8. What issue level is the product tested to?

The Securus AC MK II is certified to the latest 8 LPCB achieving B3 certification.

9. Can I get a Revit file for this new solution?

Yes, it’s now joining our BIM library of Revit models.

10. What should I do if I’m unsure whether this product is suitable for my site or want to learn more?

Call our sales team now on 0800 742861 to arrange a site visit.

11. Can I request a sample?

Yes, we can provide sample sections of this fencing system.

12. Where can I see this product installed?

Why not visit the CLD Fencing Systems HQ at Modsec House to see this solution and many others installed with a unique opportunity to get up close and personal to the real thing… and we’ll have the kettle and biscuits ready!

The Securus AC MK II is the solution for you if you need quick and easy installation without compromising on the level of protection it offers. The fencing cassettes are assembled off-site, so it doesn’t use up any of your installation time.

You can find out more information on our Securus AC MK II fencing system by checking out our website or emailing info@cld-fencing.com.