25th September 2020

5 reasons why mesh fencing is ideal for high security

Mesh fencing is a durable form of high security fencing that can protect your property and land from attack and acts of criminality.

Choosing the best high security fencing to protect your property or land will be determined by a number of things.

Things like the level of threat you expect to face, the cost of falling victim to an attack or criminal act, to the aesthetic look you need from your perimeter security.

There are a lot of different types of high security fencing to choose from.

But few can match the security benefits of mesh security fencing.

Here’s why.

How is mesh fencing made?

Let’s start with the basics.

Mesh fencing is made using steel wires, which are welded together to form a rigid mesh structure.

The strength of mesh fencing can be adjusted based on the thickness of the steel wires used on the process.

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Key benefits of choosing mesh fencing for high security:

Palisade Fencing Vs Mesh Fencing

Strong structure

Because mesh fencing is constructed from steel wire (which can be adapted based on the level of strength needed) they provide a durable and rigid structure that provides a high level of protection.

The design of mesh fencing also makes it resilient to intruders climbing over the structure because they are difficult to gain a foothold on, making them hard to scale.

Mesh fencing is also strong enough to withstand most acts of sabotage like wire cutting, and can stand up to damage from vehicles.

In a worst case, high security mesh fencing is able to provide a vital delay of attack, enabling you to take necessary steps to protect staff or your property from intruders.


As well as being resistant to specific attacks, mesh fencing is also extremely durable and can stand up to long term use in harsh conditions.

Mesh fencing can withstand extreme weather while remaining strong and stable and other environmental considerations and general wear and tear that it will be subjected to while in situ.

This means you can be sure you have a reliable level of perimeter security year round.

Aesthetic appeal

In some situations, it might be necessary to create a high security fencing perimeter, without creating the appearance of a high security area.

Even in those cases, it might be necessary to create a high level of security, but still be able to view the area outside of the fence.

Or, still be able to see into the area within the fence.

That’s why mesh fencing is a better option.

Unlike palisade fencing, which creates a clearly visible physical barrier, mesh fencing can more easily blend into the background.

You can easily see beyond the perimeter of the fence, while those on the outside can see in.

What you get is a high security fencing solution that is more visually appealing, while maintaining a strong level of protection and durability.

Ease of installation

Mesh fencing can be installed into any surface quickly and be fully erected in minimal time.

This makes it an incredibly versatile option for perimeter security, meaning it is a suitable option for a number of projects.

It also makes mesh fencing an ideal option if you are looking to install a high security fencing perimeter around your property or land at short notice and in a short period of time.

A solid base for extra high level security

It is likely that while mesh fencing will be a huge benefit to your high security perimeter, it is not something you will use in isolation.

Mesh fencing can provide you with the ideal platform to build a wider security system into your land.

Whether this is building a CCTV network around or within your perimeter, creating access controls or using high security mesh fencing as a base to install flood lighting, this type of fencing will provide many benefits to your overall security.

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Solid high security mesh fencing

If you’re looking to create a reliable high security fencing perimeter for your property, then mesh fencing could be the best option.

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