High Security Fencing Defence

25th September 2020

Rising burglaries shows need for high security fencing

The number of burglaries committed at building sites has been on the rise in the last few months.

Just a few days ago North Yorkshire Police urged the public to be vigilant following a rise in burglaries at new home building sites in Harrogate.

Even as far back as March as the country first started to go into lockdown amid the crisis over Covid-19, criminals spotted unsecure, unmanned building sites, pubs, shops and empty office buildings as prime targets.

In truth, any site which is unsecured, unmanned at any time, and holds any kind of valuable items are a potential target for criminals.

Even those which are manned by security staff can be targeted easily, and are easy pickings for vandals who can enter and leave quickly.

Securing the perimeter of your land or property is the first step in protecting yourself from these criminals.

So is it time you considered installing high security fencing around your site?

Security Sliding Gate

Protect your property with high security fencing

Whenever you think of high security fencing, your mind instantly goes to maximum security prisons, or government buildings.

And it’s true that these premises benefit greatly from the protection high security fencing offers them.

We know this because we supply governments and military contracts with these fencing systems.

But high security fencing can be beneficial for any land or property that needs an added layer of protection from thieves, vandals and, in extreme cases, terrorists.

As a minimum, high security fencing can make it all but impossible for criminals to gain access to your site.

Their robust, rigid designs provide a solid barrier between criminals and your property.

Like this high security fence we developed for the West Division Police Headquarters in Blackpool.

Even just the appearance of a solid, physical barrier is known to be enough to deter most criminals.

The more time they have to take trying to get past your security fence, the more time they have to be seen and reported.

In more extreme situations, a high security fence offers delayed time to attack, like those experienced by military bases operating in hostile areas or government buildings, allowing security teams and forces the opportunity to close down the threat quickly.

Temporary Barriers CHOGM

Decreasing chances of escape

But, as well as making it more difficult for criminals to get access to your property or land, a high security fence also increases the time it would take for them to escape.

Rather than being able to simply run away if they were spotted, criminals would be forced to navigate your security fence, increasing the time responders have to get to your property to deal with the situation.

Access control

Installing a high security fence at your site also gives you much more control over who has access to your site.

It might not be a fully manned security station, but the physical barrier would be enough to prevent someone entering your site or property until they have been authorised to do so.

If they try to enter unauthorised, the delayed time of attack will give you more opportunity to deal with the situation, or alert the authorities about your situation.

Immediate need, but ongoing requirement for high security fencing

The last few months have highlighted the need to protect important commercial sites like office space or building sites from criminals.

But in reality, they have always been a target, it’s just the opportunity which has grown.

At some time, even if you have a manned security station on site 24/7, only a high level security fence will give you the kind of robust physical barrier you need to keep your property and land secure.

If you want to talk to us about your needs for a high security fence on your site, get in touch with us today and one of our experts will be able to guide you through the process.