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17th November 2020

Achieving the 5 Ds of Perimeter Defence with High Security Fencing

High security fencing doesn’t just provide a physical barrier between your facility and an attacker. It can provide the foundation for a complete perimeter defence system.

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When it comes to perimeter security there are typically five key considerations to keep in mind:

  • Deter: Putting criminals off attacking your property or land in the first place
  • Detect: Know when something is happening so you can react
  • Deny: Remove the ability to implement any damage
  • Delay: Increase the time it takes a criminal to attack so you have more time to react and call for help
  • Defend: Keep your property and land safe by keeping would-be criminals or attackers out

For some properties and land, security is always a key concern and measures must be as robust as they can be.

Government buildings, airports and even prisons for instance, are obvious targets that need to be protected.

But what about other assets, that need just as much security, even if the need is less obvious?

For example, you might think data centres are all about cyber security, but a determined criminal could do just as much damage by gaining access to a site than they could over an internet connection.

Or how about a manufacturing plant?

These are high value targets for criminals too, and their security budgets might not be as big as those afforded to the likes of Parliament or airports.

So how can you keep them physically safe?

High security fencing is one effective way of adding multiple layers of security to property and land.

True, high security fencing in isolation isn’t a complete safety system.

No effective security system can rely solely on one thing.

But high security fencing affords a number of benefits for perimeter security, while also providing a basis to include other forms of threat detection and prevention at the same time.

Here we’ll see how high security fencing can facilitate many of the 5 Ds of perimeter security.

And we’ll also look at how it can help improve other forms of protection at the same time.

High Security Fencing to deter criminals

Just the presence of a physical barrier is known to be a major deterrent for criminals when it comes to picking a target.

The more time they have to spend gaining access to a site, the more chance they have of being seen and reported.

By installing high-security fencing around your property or land you can make yourself a less appealing target to would-be criminals.

Our high-security fencing meets those highest standards.

It’s why we’re a provider of security fencing to governments and military bases.

Whatever your needs, we can help you create a robust, secure deterrent.

High Security Fencing for threat detection

On their own, high security fencing can’t act as a detection system in perimeter defence.

But they do provide greater opportunity for detection to occur.

For a start, a high security fence provides effective delay to attack capability.

This increases the time it takes a criminal or attacker to access your site or building, improving the chances they will be detected.

Plus, high security fencing offers the perfect foundation to install detection equipment as part of a wider perimeter defence system.

This could be installing a CCTV system as part of your security fence solution, installing floodlights or improving access control by adding guard stations or entrance gates within the fence.

All of this can increase your ability to detect attacks or criminals.

Denial of entry with High Security Fencing

Denying access to a building or site is the primary function of a high security fence.

With a robust and rigid design, a high security fence can deny even the most determined attacker entry to your facility.

We’re a supplier of high security fencing to governments and military bases, which require the highest standard of security fencing.

So you can be sure we’re providing you the best resources to deny attackers and protect your facility.

Delay time to attack using High Security Fencing

In the most extreme situations, the best you can do is delay entry and delay the time of attack against your land and facility.

High security fences are proven to provide a substantial delay against attack, giving you more time to respond and protect your people and assets.

Our systems undergo extensive attack testing to ensure you are given the highest level of protection.

Perimeter defence with High Security Fencing

Ultimately the goal of high-security fencing is to defend your land and facility from any kind of attack.

By installing a robust physical barrier between you and attackers, your perimeter defence can either deter an attack from taking place at all or give you a high level of defence to identify and mitigate attacks before they escalate.

At CLD Fencing systems we have a range of mesh fencing which have been deployed in the most high profile security situations and are protecting key assets of the government and the military.

If you want to get more information on our products and services, get in touch and one of our experts will be able to guide you further.