9th February 2021

Why mesh fencing is the best option for your zoo enclosure

Security fencing is a vital aspect of architecture across a huge range of industries, but perhaps none benefit from this more than the zoo and wildlife sectors.

Where the safety of rare, endangered, and unique species of animals is concerned, precautions must be in place to ensure they are kept safe from harm or risk from predators. Likewise, proper fencing must be in place to keep enclosures, staff and visitors safe.

But what sort of fencing is most appropriate when designing a zoo enclosure?

Here at CLD Fencing Systems, we have been supplying high security zoo enclosure fencing for a number of years. From London zoo to Chester zoo, we’ve supported a wide range of projects with our range of mesh fencing, allowing for the safe containment of animals whilst adding to the overall aesthetic of the perimeter.

Zoo Enclosure Fencing Folly Farm

But why Mesh Fencing?

There’s no question that mesh fencing is by far one of the most effective and appropriate types of perimeter security for zoo enclosures, but it also comes with a wealth of benefits, that are perhaps more unexpected. Here’s why we believe mesh fencing to be the best for both zoo enclosures and animal exhibits.

Mesh fencing is incredibly strong

Of course, the type of fencing you opt for in a zoo environment will be dictated by the type of animal it will house, but for the most part, welded mesh fencing is incredibly strong and won’t be compromised by most animals.

This strength is also imperative for the protection of the animal, as it will easily prevent and delay any attempted breaches in security.

Zoo Fencing - CLD Fencing

Easy and quick to install

Where time is at a premium, you need fencing that can be erected quickly and securely. Whatever the surface or terrain, mesh fencing lends itself to easy installation, making it an ideal option for a range of animal enclosures where the flooring may be irregular.

Low maintenance

Durable in the face of adverse weather conditions, and easy to keep clean; mesh fencing is a wonderful option for both indoor and outdoor use, where dirt and grime is likely to build up.

Mesh fencing is also easily fixed if an animal were to have caused damage, making it a cost-effective option too.

Easily combined with other security measures

Whether it’s electric fencing, barbed wire or something else, mesh fencing is easily combined with other security features to make an enclosure truly safe and secure at all times.

Keep animals safe within, and visitors safe outside

If you’re looking to improve your zoo exhibits for 2021, there can be no better option than our range of mesh fencing. We manufacture a broad range, including:

  • Lion enclosure fencing
  • Tiger enclosure fencing
  • Monkey enclosures
  • Perimeter fencing
  • Decorative fencing
  • Enclosure air lock gate systems
  • Zoo fencing
  • Wildlife park fencing
  • Security grates for feed areas

Whatever your needs, we’re confident we can supply an enclosure fence that will compliment your current setup perfectly. So why not get in touch with our team today on 0800 069 6944 or email us at info@cld-fencing.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.