Construction Temporary Fencing Manchester Airport

16th February 2021

Why more contractors than ever are opting for Temporary Fencing?

Have you been relying on rented temporary fencing for some time? Whether you’re the owner of a construction company or have a small business, the chances are if you regularly use temporary fencing to maintain a safe working environment, you’ll be all too familiar with the costs associated.

The truth is, for many industries temporary fencing is simply a must, and renting these measures can be a great option if you’re only looking to work on a few one-off assignments. However, if you find yourself requiring temporary fencing regularly, the prices can soon stack up, not to mention the other downsides to not owning your own.

But why are temporary fences becoming so popular for contractors? Well, here at CLD Fencing Systems, we fully understand the appeal and today, we’re going to share with you a few of the main benefits to owning your own bespoke temporary fencing. So, if you’re still on the fence (pardon the pun) about investing in temporary fencing, consider reading on.

Reliable site fortification

For the most part, contractors rely on temporary fencing where machinery cannot be removed, not only to keep passers-by safe, but also to keep the equipment safe from unscrupulous individuals. To this end, temporary fencing is a fantastic solution as it can be quickly erected and offers incredible strength and durability, so if the site of it alone doesn’t act as a visual deterrent, the chances of it being compromised are slim.

Monument Safety Fencing

Gives you full control of your building site

Although renting temporary fencing can often be the most cost-effective and appropriate solution, you do relinquish a lot of the control you have about how, where and when you can use it. More often than not, renting temporary fencing will be on a time-sensitive basis, which removes your ability to take time on a new site project, as work running over schedule can lead to some additional fees.

If you have your own temporary fencing, however, not only can you use it wherever you like, under any conditions, but you don’t need to worry about rushing through a job to get it back in time.


Okay, this one may not always be the case. Take for instance, if you rely on temporary fencing once or twice a month. You use it for a week each time and you’ve probably had your money’s worth in that time, and then some! But, if you work on sites that require temporary fencing every day, or even on a weekly basis – the chances are that you will be paying over the odds in rental fees.

Whilst it may be an initial investment, owning your own temporary fencing that you can use time and time again will see you saving a ton of money.

Construction Temporary Fencing Manchester Airport


Temporary fencing is one of the most versatile types of perimeter fencing you can opt for, with such a huge variety of types on offer. Here at CLD Fencing Systems, we launched our temporary fencing solution FenceSafe back in 2016, and since then have developed our range of temporary fencing to include:

  • Profiled temporary fencing
  • Twin wire temporary fencing
  • 358 mesh temporary fencing
  • Along with a range of matching swing and sliding gates

So, whatever type of site you’re working on, we’re confident we have a fencing solution to suit.

High- Quality

Depending on the supplier you use for your temporary fencing, it could see you relying on sub-par materials to keep your site secure. However, a bit of research and investing in a company that manufacture temporary fencing in line with British Standards can see your money go further, with fencing that works as it’s supposed to for years to come.

It’s worth noting that whilst the guidelines set out for temporary fencing by the UK National Standards Body are the recommended standard, they are not a legal requirement and not all companies will choose to follow them. Don’t be afraid to ask whether the temporary fencing you’re opting for meets the BS 1772, which all of ours do.

Thinking of investing in your own temporary fencing?

We have worked with hundreds of companies over the years and are a trusted name in temporary fencing, so it’s fair to say we know what we’re doing. If you’re thinking of adding temporary fencing to your list of permanent site equipment, we can help.

Want to find out more? Contact our team of experts who’d be happy to talk details with you, and come up with the right type of temporary fencing to suit your needs.