29th July 2021

The benefits of opting for festival fencing in 2021

In 2020, we completely lost the summer festival season to COVID-19.  The swift roll-out of the vaccination programme, combined with mass testing, gave festival organisers reason to be cautiously optimistic for the 2021 festival season.


As restrictions are ending this month, happily there are lots of festivals going ahead.  And with excited crowds descending on them after a year of no partying, it’s important that you put security and social distancing measures in place to keep your festival safe this summer.

In this post we’ll discuss the benefits of opting for festival fencing in 2021 and the types of temporary fencing that are suitable for festivals.

Construction Temporary Fencing Manchester Airport

Benefits of temporary festival fencing

The large crowds at festivals mean that it’s vital to have strong yet easy to install temporary fencing for several reasons, such as:

  • Crowd control
  • Security
  • Anti-terrorism
  • Social distancing
  • Queue management

These reasons all require a zero-ground strike.  They also have the ability to dismantle and assemble elsewhere, if security calls, which temporary fencing offers. All the benefits of a permanent fence line in a temporary format.

These reasons show just how important temporary fencing is for festivals and events alike. Here are some of the temporary fencing solutions that we can offer to help keep your festival safe and running smoothly.

Temporary security festival fencing

FenceSafe Securus-Lite

CLD Fencing offers a wide selection of fences for event management purposes.  Firstly, one of our most popular options is FenceSafe Securus-Lite. This is the ultimate in temporary security fencing for your festival needs.  Because it has no external fixings, anti-climb panels and an additional security topping available, you can be sure that this security fencing will get the job done. Perfect for perimeter demarcation around the whole site thanks to its anti-climb features, stopping any potential intruders or trespassing from accessing.


V Mesh Fencing

FenceSafe Eclipse

Secondly, FenceSafe Eclipse offers festivals all the safety and security of permanent profiled mesh fencing, but in a temporary installation.  We do this by using our patented FenceSafe Cantilever bases. It features profiled panels with secure fixings and is designed specifically for site security, events such as festivals, and any option that requires wind load-rated temporary fencing systems. This system is great for social distancing queue management and crowd control measures.

Temporary sliding and swinging gates and turnstiles are also a great options for festivals as they secure access points.

If your festival is going ahead this year, we’re delighted for you.  For temporary fencing for all your festival needs, call us on 0800 0742861 or email us at info@cldfencing.com.