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30th July 2021

Concert Crowd Control Post Pandemic

March 23rd 2020 was, quite literally, ‘the day the music died.’  As a result of Boris Johnson’s announcement on that day, concerts, along with pretty much everything else, ceased due to the coronavirus pandemic.

However, this month restrictions have finally been lifted, and concerts are coming back with a bang!  With no social distancing laws in place, it’s especially important that packed-out venues put their own measures in place to keep people safe.  Here are the reasons why concert crowd-control is more important than ever post-pandemic, and how we can help.

Temporary fencing for social distancing at concerts

Firstly, just because the restrictions have gone away, it’s quite clear that COVID-19 has not. It’s just something we’re going to have to live with in our society.  There are, however, lots of things we can do to limit the circulation of COVID within your concert.

Our range of social distancing barriers and temporary fencing can create safe, sectioned-off areas to help to reduce the spread of the virus.  These can include walkways and safe entry and exit points to concerts. These barriers are an ideal location to place social distancing signage.  Whilst it’s not a legal requirement anymore, it’s a good idea to keep social distancing at the forefront of people’s minds.

Concert crowd control with temporary fencing

In places where it’s expected that crowds will be dense, for example festivals and standing concerts, it’s important to put measures in place to prevent over-crowding.

Temporary turnstiles can restrict how many individuals you will allow on site.  It can also reduce the likelihood of piggybacking to gain entry making for a more controlled approach to concert crowd control.

Additionally, in the event of a serious incident, you can unlock them to allow free flowing access out of the premises.  This is so as to not to cause further disruptions.

Temporary fencing to enforce queueing at concerts

You need to manage queues at your concert effectively.  This is not only to ensure a reasonable level of social distancing, but also to ensure everyone has a ticket and you can undertake security procedures.

Our temporary fencing is ideal for managing queues at concerts. Queue management will affect the safety, atmosphere, and ultimately, the success of your concert. Temporary crowd management fencing will signal to all attendees the orderly way in which you expect them to organise themselves.

Potentially increased risk of terrorism

As we all know, large crowds are sadly a target for terrorists.  One bonus of the situation over the last 18 months has been that terrorism has dramatically decreased.  This is due to the absence of crowds to target.  In fact, Home Office data showed that arrests for terrorism-related activity fell by 34% in 2020, the lowest level in nine years.

With events such as concerts now returning, it’s likely that we will see an increase in attempted security breaches.  It’s vital that venues are prepared for this, as the organisers have a duty to keep all attendees safe to the best of their ability.

Perimeter fencing is particularly important at outdoor concerts and festivals, which are often spread across vast spaces.  Our anti-climb fencing will prevent those without a ticket from entering your concert.

Temporary fencing is also perfect for creating secure backstage and VIP areas.  It’s also great for clearly marking spaces that are off limits to the general public.  Our temporary gates will minimise the number of access points and unwanted visitors.

Contact us today for temporary fencing for concert crowd control

It’s not possible to stop the spread of COVID completely; or prevent all terror attacks for that matter.  However, effective security measures such as temporary fencing will go a long way towards avoiding both problems.

Here at CLD Fencing, we can help you to find the right temporary fencing for all your concert crowd control needs.  If you’d like bespoke recommendations for the best fencing solution for your concert, festival, or other outdoor event, give us a call on 0800 0742861 or send us a message today.