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13th August 2021

The Hot Topic – ‘Wood’ Now be the Right Time for a Sustainable Alternative to Timber?

Back at the start of June we discussed why timber prices had increased by 80% and how many construction sites, residential projects and other jobs had been delayed and disrupted due to this issue. You can read the hot topic ‘Navigating the Increasing Timber Prices with Alternatives’.

We are now a month on from that article’s publish date, and there is still no movement on timber prices, and the industry’s showing no signs of easing any time soon. “The Timber Trade Federation (TTF) said suppliers were “working around the clock” but are “struggling to keep up” according to the BBC News. This means high demand and pressures on the supply chains will only keep pushing the price of timber up.

Previously we considered the effects of the pandemic on these price hikes but it’s not just COVID-19 contributing to the timber disruptions, but also climate change has had a major influence. We’ve seen record breaking wildfires back in 2020 in North America which wiped out a lot of production and there have been early signs, that the 2021 season could be as severe. Alongside this, across the pond in Hereford, there have been reports that a number of ash trees have been felled due to an infestation of Hymenoscyphus Fraxineus or ‘ash dieback’. Climate change has been a factor, causing trees to be more susceptible and vulnerable to pests and infections.