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18th August 2021

6 Top Tips for Affordable School Fencing Maintenance

The summer holidays offer the perfect opportunity to revamp your school’s fencing.

You want to take advantage of the unoccupied area to ensure it’s looking its best in time for the new term.  However, you don’t have to wait for the kids to be on holiday to take these easy school fencing maintenance steps.

1. Identify issues with your school fencing early

You should thoroughly inspect your school fencing at least a couple of times per year.  Look out for loose parts or any other damage that could affect its performance.  It’s important to take care of any cracks or rust before they spread or get worse.  Catching issues such as these early ensures that they’re much easier to resolve and will save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

During this inspection, if you come across a serious problem such as bent sections, don’t attempt to fix this on your own unless you know what you’re doing.


2.  Rust prevention is better than cure

Rust is formed when your metal comes into prolonged contact with oxygen and water.  As school fencing is obviously used outdoors, this is very frequent, particularly with UK weather being predictably unpredictable!


3.  Keep your school fencing clean

A bit of school fencing maintenance will ensure it always looks its best.  Keep your school fencing clean by simply washing it with warm, soapy water a few times a year.  For areas that are tricky to access, you may find it helpful to use an old toothbrush.  Once the fencing is clean, rinse off with clean water.


4.  Apply grease to hinges on school gates

To keep your school gates operating smoothly, apply grease to the hinges a couple of times a year, or any time they start to squeak.


5. Replace any broken parts of your school fencing

If there are any damaged sections of your school fencing, this could compromise your security.  Not to mention that a broken fence isn’t particularly aesthetically pleasing.

If your fencing was installed by another company and isn’t covered by warranty, you’ll find that many fencing parts can be found in DIY stores.  If the damage is too extensive to repair yourself, call CLD Fencing to take advantage of their expertise.


6. How to fix impact damage to metal fencing

If sections of your metal school fencing are bent out of shape, perhaps from a vehicle crashing into them, you could bend them back into place. Professionals can heat up and hammer out some cosmetic damage; however, it’ll never look as good as it did before the damage.

So, for fencing that’s beyond repair or if you simply want your aesthetically pleasing school fence line back to how it was before, it may be time to invest in new school fencing.

Here at CLD Fencing, all of our products come with a 15-year warranty, giving you peace of mind for years to come.  Even better, we fully galvanise all of our fencing systems and coat them with a polyester powder to keep rust at bay.

If you’re looking for new fencing for your school, our technical team will guide you through the process, covering everything from security issues in the design stage right through to completion. Give us a call on 0808 506 3542 or email us at for a chat about your requirements.