School Fencing St Mary Magdalene

18th August 2021

Could your school premises benefit from a fencing revamp?

The main benefits of perimeter fencing around schools are obvious.  Quality perimeter fencing will keep out trespassers, ensure the safety of the children and deter truancy.

However, there are also some less obvious benefits to revamping your school fencing.

Let’s take a look at the unexpected benefits of new school fencing.

Aesthetic appeal of quality perimeter school fencing

It’s likely that the appearance of your school hasn’t been high on your agenda for the last couple of years – let’s face it, there have been bigger problems to deal with!  However, with school life getting back to normal from the September ’21 term, now is a great time to make your school fenceline more appealing both for prospective and current students and their parents.

Whilst the main purpose of school perimeter fencing is to secure the border, it’s also important that the fencing does not look intimidating.  A school should be a welcoming place and choosing the right type of security fencing is key to this.

Here at CLD Fencing, we have several options for school fencing that are both extremely secure and aesthetically pleasing.

These include our Ultimate™ school security mesh fencing system, which offers strong profiled panels with close wire centres. These are securely fixed to posts using a full-length clamp bar. This makes for exceptionally secure fencing.  It is difficult for intruders to climb but gives a stylish and welcoming look to the border of your school.

Another option is our Dulok™ double wire mesh fencing system.  It’s available in a range of heights and is extremely difficult to cut through or climb over.  Choose from a wide variety of RAL colours to match your school’s branding.

Keep school storage areas safe

Fencing needn’t just be to secure the perimeter of your school.  You also need to think about protecting storage areas such as bike sheds and bin stores from threats such as vandalism and arson.  It’s also important to ensure that potentially hazardous waste is inaccessible to schoolchildren.

Our Screenogril™ louvered fence panel system is ideal for these purposes.  Featuring versatile screening, it not only keeps those unsightly bins hidden from view but also provides an excellent defence against vandals and arsonists.

School fencing for safety and demarcation

Railings and fencing systems are also important in schools to protect green spaces from hordes of teenage feet.  Our Flexa-Rail vertical bar metal railings are the perfect solution here.

As they are self-raking, they follow the contours of the ground – so there’s no need for stepping on even the steepest of gradients.

They’re also available in a wide range of RAL colours so you can really revamp your school environment ready for the new term.

To talk to us about any of our school fencing solutions, give us a call on 0800 074 2861 or email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.