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20th October 2021

How CLD Fencing Are Paving The Way In Airport Fencing

As world leaders in security fencing, CLD Fencing Systems are often looked to for the most innovative solutions in airport perimeter fencing.

We regularly exhibit our fencing systems at the annual IFSEC International security event, and our latest products are greeted with much anticipation from all attendees.

We’re happy to hear that, after a couple of years off due to the pandemic, the next IFSEC International in-person event will take place on 17-19 May 2022 at the ExCel exhibition and international convention centre in London. We are excited to present our most pioneering fencing solutions to date.

As at previous IFSEC events, our products will be subject to physical attack by a range of hand tools in the Attack Testing Zone.


World-class airport fencing systems

Here at CLD Fencing, we are delighted to be trailblazers in the airport security fencing industry. We believe that prevention is much more important than deterrence when the security of an airport is at stake.

Chain link fencing, which is recommended for airports as a deterrent by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), is quite simply not fit for purpose. It’s widely known how easy it is to cut through, with YouTube tutorials even providing handy tips! Chain link has never really been successful as a preventative measure for airport fencing, and now isn’t even effective as a deterrent.

Should an intruder be able to force their way through airport fencing, gaining entry to a busy airfield, there’s a high likelihood of losing them. At best, this could lead to mischief, nuisance, or vandalism. At worst, you could find yourself facing a terrorist attack, leading to loss of life, and the question, “Could this have been prevented?” splashed across the front pages of newspapers worldwide.

Our state-of-the-art airport security fencing will significantly delay any intruder, from vandals to would-be terrorists. This will allow manned patrols to be deployed swiftly to the point of access before entry is gained.

What is the most effective airport security fencing?

At CLD Fencing, we are proud to present our innovative airport security fencing systems, which are manufactured and installed to world-class standards.

Our Securus AC™ SR2 fencing system (manufactured to LPS1175 SR2) provides a three-minute delay with any attempt to force entry, allowing time for the breach to be identified and security staff to be deployed to the location.

Alternatively, our Securus S3 fencing system (manufactured to LPS 1175 C5 SR3) offers an even greater five-minute delay, to give you peace of mind that your airport perimeter is fully secure.

Airport Security Fencing Manchester Airport

Why choose CLD Fencing for your airport security fencing needs

For over 40 years, CLD Fencing have brought innovation to the physical perimeter security industry and are looked to for solutions to airport security issues all over the world.

We are the UK’s largest manufacturer and supplier of airport security fencing systems. So, if you require your airport fencing updating to keep up with modern day security threats, why not deal with the fencing company that others aim to emulate?

Give CLD Fencing a call on 0808 109 4278 or email us at and we will get back to you shortly.