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3rd November 2021

Three Big Benefits To Opting For Temporary Fencing For Your Next Sporting Event

Temporary sports fencing is the perfect solution when the enclosure is only needed for a short period. The function of this type of fencing can change over time, which is why it must be transportable, flexible, and easy to use.

Many professional sporting arenas benefit from temporary sports fencing at high-profile sporting events. However, it’s important to note that ordinary, public sports areas can also make good use of it.

In this post, we’ll discuss the three big benefits of temporary sports fencing that make it a great solution for sporting events of any size.

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1.    Temporary sports fencing for crowd control

Installing temporary sports fencing improves safety and security for participants, spectators and VIPs. Temporary fencing also plays a vital role in regulating the arrival and departure of visitors.

You can guide people in the direction you wish them to travel by placing temporary sports fencing with clear signage in strategic locations.

This ensures that people are distributed safely and that emergency stations, such as first aid posts, are quickly accessible.

It’s also extremely important that people can get away safely in an emergency. Laying out a clear escape route with temporary sports fencing is just as important as clear exit signage. If too many people are trying to exit a route that is too narrow, crushing can occur. This is why it is crucial that escape routes are wide enough, and that your temporary sports fencing is sturdy to avoid people being injured by inadequate fencing being pushed over by crowds.

2.    Temporary sports fencing to keep participants and spectators safe

Whether you’re hosting a kids’ tennis tournament or the Olympics, your first consideration at all times should be the safety of the participants and spectators.  This requires careful thought around fencing systems which will keep the game play free from interruption, but also provide a secure enclosed space around the event area.

That is why CLD Fencing offer zero ground strike hoarding, temporary fencing and temporary gate systems for all your sporting needs.

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3.    Temporary sports fencing to prevent unauthorised access

Sadly, we live in a world where security is a major challenge. Keeping your sports event free from unauthorised access, from fans and press right through to would-be terrorists, should be a primary concern when choosing your temporary security fencing for sports events.

CLD Fencing is able to offer the only temporary sports fencing system that is tested and certified to LPS 1175. Fencesafe SR1 gives a guaranteed delay against manual forced entry, with anti-climb panels and no external fixings, preventing cutting through and climbing.

Controlling the flow of people entering and exiting various areas within your sports event is also extremely important for safety and security. To help you with this, we offer a number of temporary access control systems from temporary swing gates to temporary sliding gates.

Temporary Barriers CHOGM

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The implementation of temporary sports fencing is incredibly important for these reasons and many more.

CLD Fencing manufactures world-class sports fencing to suit the needs of any sporting event, producing everything from twin wire mesh systems to privacy screens and pitch dividers.

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