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3rd November 2021

Top Factors To Consider When Installing Sports Fencing

When installing sports fencing, there are several factors to think about. Each application of sports fencing has its own unique set of demands to fulfill. You’ll need to consider the fencing requirements of the sport in question, safety concerns, legal considerations, your neighbours, and the image you want to project.

To help you choose the best fencing option for your sporting needs, we’ve put together a list of the top things to consider when installing sports fencing.

Which type of fencing works best for which sport?

Different types of fencing work better for different types of sport, and even for the same sport being played at different sites, as local factors such as neighbours and location can play a part in determining the best option.

Some sports may have spectators standing on the other side of the fence, who need to be able to view the game clearly. Our Sports Rail fencing would be ideal for this purpose.

In other cases, it may be particularly important to keep the ball within the field of play, for example on a cricket pitch by a busy road. In that case, our ball stop netting would be the best choice.

Legal considerations of sports fencing

It’s also important to take legal matters into consideration when installing sports fencing. In the UK, the Sports and Play Construction Association (SAPCA) Code of Practice for the Construction and Maintenance of Fencing Systems for Sports Facilities covers all legal requirements for sports fencing.

For example, if you need to install fencing for a tennis court, the code of practice states that the recommended minimum height for tennis fencing is 2.75 metres. It advises that higher sections are included if the court is next to a road, and that lower viewing sections at the sides of the court can be provided for spectators. These should be a minimum of 900mm high.

Because it’s so important to ensure that your sports fencing meets legal requirements such as these, it’s essential to find a reputable fencing company that ensures compliance with the law.

Here at CLD Fencing, we can advise on all legal requirements of sports fencing, and help you to choose a fencing system that meets all your needs.


Sports fencing to alleviate safety and security concerns

It’s vital to consider the safety of spectators, players and surrounding buildings when deciding which type of sports fencing to install. A multi-purpose and affordable solution for sports fencing is our Dulok Sport Rebound Fencing System.

This is suitable for a multitude of locations, from Premier League football grounds right through to school playing fields. With heights up to 6 metres, this fencing system provides the best in safety and security for all your sports projects.

The Dulok Sport Rebound Fencing System is not only helpful to sportspeople due to keeping the ball in the field of play, but it is a crucial safety mechanism to protect your site from vandals or other intruders.

It’s also a great option for subdividing school courtyards into separate pitches for different types of ball games.


Branded sports fencing

High-quality fencing displaying your brand or team logo projects the right image to visiting teams, club members and the local community. It also helps to detract from any unsightly surroundings.

Our attractive sports fencing can be custom-made to display any graphics you wish.


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Did you know that over half of the Premier League Clubs in the UK have benefited from CLD Fencing Systems at their training facilities to date? So, whatever your sports fencing requirements, you can be sure that your project is in safe hands.

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