29th November 2021

The Hot Topic – What Does Security look like for the Healthcare Sector in the Future?

When we think of security for healthcare organisations, we often think protecting hospitals from individuals running into A&E with a weapon and threatening those in the buildings.

Whilst that is scary and still goes on, there are larger security attacks that healthcare organisations could be facing. Terror attacks are an act of violence and intimidation against civilians. Many focus on soft targets, like healthcare for their attacks.

Temporary Barriers CHOGM

Just one week ago, an act of terror was pursued outside a Maternity Hospital in Liverpool. The suspected suicide bomber detonated the homemade device in the back of the taxi, pushing the national terror threat level to severe for the first time in months. This sort of attack could have been worse, with only one deceased and the taxi driver left with severe injuries in hospital. Worryingly the use of vehicles for mass injuries are increasing when it comes to terrorism, but how are other forms of attack becoming more and more sophisticated?