Airport Temporary Fencing

13th December 2021

The Hot Topic – Accidents happen… But they shouldn’t at the cost of a life!

On Sunday 21st November in Waukesha, Wisconsin a celebration was taking place in the form of their annual Christmas Parade. However, just minutes later the celebration turned into chaos and panic as a lone individual started ploughing through the crowds of people at speeds of 40 mph.

Killing 5 people and injuring more than 40 adults and children which included some of the marching band and dance troupes. When we think of vehicles being used as a weapon, we instantly think of terrorism. This is a technique used by extremist groups to create maximum damage in a short amount of time… but the motive for this incident was different.

The perpetrator, Darrell Brookes was fleeing a domestic stabbing incident that had occurred before the crash, however, sources say he wasn’t being pursued by anyone or law enforcement. Now the question is, how did he manage to get down the street where the parade was being held? Surely there were security measures put in place to prevent this situation from happening. There were barriers put in place as visual deterrents, for law abiding citizens to turn around and choose an alternative route. However, in reality these barriers can easily be driven through at force, nudged out of the way with a vehicle, or even moved manually in order to gain unauthorised access.