Data Centre Physical Security

4th February 2022

The Role Fencing Plays In Protecting Data

The physical protection of data is now more important than ever, with data stored in data centres quintupling by 2020 on a global platform, and 92% of workloads being processed by cloud data centres. As such, there needs to be a rise in the physical security of our data centres in the UK to match this demand.

Since the first ‘Creeper’ virus was detected in the early 1970s on ARPANET – a US military computer network known as the forerunner of the modern internet – which was subsequently followed by the ‘Rabbit’ and ‘Pervading Animal’, it has become increasingly essential to protect our physical data centres.

First of all, it is important to determine what exactly is stored within a data centre and why it poses a security threat.

Data Centre security fencing

What is a data centre?

As the name suggests, a data centre is the place where any business, of any size, chooses to house their key IT infrastructure – such as servers, switches, storage systems, and any cloud-based services – often sharing data centres with other organisations.

More often than not, these businesses don’t have to deal with the data centre directly to use the storage facilities, but they have to trust that their data is safe and secure 24/7/365 and not vulnerable to criminals.

USA Security Fencing

The kind of data being stored will directly correspond with the level of data centre fencing and security requirements. For example, more investment must be made in data fencing security if the data being held is privileged or governmental in nature. If this particular data is stolen or damaged, then it could have a catastrophic impact on individuals, blue-chip companies, and reputations.

Here at CLD Fencing, our data centre fencing and gate solutions are designed and manufactured to Loss Prevention Standard (LPS)1175 – the UK standard on protection from forced entry when protecting assets, whilst also holding ‘Police Preferred Specification’ from Secured by Design on behalf of the UK Police for systems that have met recognised security standards.

Before deciding on the right fencing solution for you, let’s take a look at the requirements and specifications of data centre fencing.