Airport Temporary Fencing

3rd March 2022

The Importance Of Temporary Fencing

Temporary Physical Security

Temporary fencing – also known as mobile fencing – is necessary to secure work sites or areas where interim security measures are required.

It has to be easy to erect and take down, but should also still function as a deterrent for people with unauthorised access – just as permanent security fencing would.

As a cost-effective alternative to permanent fencing solutions, temporary fencing can be used at:

  • construction sites
  • festivals
  • concerts
  • sporting events

In addition to preventing unauthorised access, temporary fencing can also help to prevent sites from vandalism, aid crowd control, retain privacy – when holding an event, such as a private wedding – and can help to keep children safe.

Temporary Pulse Fencing

The importance of temporary fencing 

CLD Systems provides a range of temporary fencing solutions that are available to hire and buy. As a market leader as a supplier and manufacturer of security fencing, we’re at the forefront of innovation. 

At CLD, we understand that fencing should always be secure, no matter how it is installed. That’s why we offer fencing on a permanent and temporary basis, depending on your project’s needs, meaning there is no compromise on security. 

Our range of temporary fencing can be installed via three different methods: FenceSafe bases, ModSec and HoardSafe. 

Different types of temporary fencing

Here at CLD Systems, we offer a wide range of temporary fencing and gate systems:

  • profiled rigid mesh temporary fencing
  • twin wire rigid mesh temporary fencing
  • 358 rigid mesh temporary fencing
  • event fencing
  • site fencing
  • temporary site gates
  • temporary security gates
  • temporary sliding gates – all temporary gates come with matching mesh infills to complete the fence line
Temporary Pulse Fencing

What is temporary fencing?

Temporary fencing is a cost-effective solution to creating a non-permanent perimeter. Suitable for construction, and demolition sites as well as for events. Many industries implement temporary fencing for both short and long periods of time as a way of protecting their sites and people.

Site Fencing

When is temporary fencing needed? 

Temporary fencing is designed to create a non-permanent and moveable perimeter around a site or premises. Erected to provide safety and security for both assets and people on both sides of the fencing. Often found on construction sites, demolition sites, outdoor events, and high-security events.

temporary installation systems

Temporary Fencing installation options 

Known for quick and simple installation, temporary fencing is installed with a few components, a panel, a fencing foot and couplers. Making it easy to install, and only requires a few people to complete the installation. 



Our FenceSafe bases can be used to install a wide range of our temporary fencing panels. These include security-rated systems for temporary use, ensuring that security is not compromised, no matter the environment. 



Our ModSec is a modular base system that can be installed either on-ground or in-ground, or as a partially buried trench system. 



Our HoardSafe system is an innovative and sustainable site hoarding solution. It can be used time and time. This fencing installation system is also available in a security-rated version, ‘HoardSafe S1’ which is suitable for sensitive sites.