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13th June 2023

The Importance of Construction Site Security Fencing

Enhancing Safety and Protection for your Site

Construction sites around the world are bustling centres of activity, housing valuable equipment, materials, and machinery. This atmosphere also entails various risks inherent to such environments, making it crucial to prioritise the protection of these sites and everything within them.

Nonetheless, it is equally important to ensure the safety of the public surrounding these construction zones. An effective solution to mitigate these risks and protect assets is by erecting robust and durable construction site security fencing and access points. CLD Physical Security Systems continues to be committed to providing tailored security solutions for construction sites, including both permanent and temporary fencing options for hire and purchase, ensuring the highest levels of security and safety.

Temporary Construction Fencing

Even when carefully planned, construction projects can last for varied amounts of time, from a couple of months through to multiple years. It is important that security fencing can adapt throughout the different stages of construction, with the ability to move fencing, extend it, or shorten the perimeter.

Available in both permanent and temporary solutions, our security fencing can adapt to each stage of the construction project, ensuring continuous protection.


Temporary Fencing

Often the most popular choice for construction sites and projects, we offer a selection of fencing and gates in both permanent and temporary options, resulting in a more versatile and cost-effective approach. Through this approach, you receive top-quality high-security features in a temporary format. Easily installed and removed as per your project’s requirements, our fencing and gates are durable, weather resistant, and adaptable.

Temporary Physical Security

Installation of Construction Fencing


Our innovative temporary physical security base, FenceSafe, enables the installation of security fencing on a temporary basis. This installation option offers zero-ground strike panels that are ballasted up to 200kg, resulting in a stronger and more reliable barrier than those of industry alternatives.

Construction Site Projects

CLD Physical Security Systems has provided construction site fencing, hoarding and access control to various projects up and down the UK, and globally. Our security fencing provided a clear deterrence of unauthorised access, prevents the theft of materials and equipment, as well as providing safety for workers and the public.

Granby Terrace SCS Rail

The scale of work scheduled for this section is vast and the project is estimated to carry on until 2026. On the south side of this site, they realised their work came very close to the curb line and in fact needed to be stepped out into the road. With this being said they called for a solution that could be installed quickly and assembled fairly easily as not to delay the project.
Monument Safety Fencing

Manchester Construction Site

Eric Wright Construction are an organisation based in the North West of England, providing high quality construction services to customers for over 40 years. Back in 2017, work started on one of their new residential redevelopment projects in Manchester. Due to services and potential contaminates running directly underneath the construction site, they were in need of a zero ground strike fencing system that still held high security properties.

Fulham Gasworks

Gas Light and Coke Company, who later became forefathers of British Gas, first occupied this site in 1824 with No.2 Gasholder, completed in 1830. Erith Contractors got in touch with CLD Fencing Systems when the decommissioning and demolition of the world’s oldest gasholder was accepted. They required monument safety fencing for the entrance ways and around various Grade II listed memorials.
Construction Temporary Fencing Manchester Airport

Security Fencing to Rent or Hire

Purchase or Hire our Fencing

Security fencing is required for almost every construction project, both short-term and long-term, however, many businesses only require it for a set amount of time.

This is why the ability to rent or hire CLD Systems’ temporary products is a valuable advantage.

The use of our rental products eliminates the need for long-term investment, whilst ensuring optimal site security during the various phases of construction.

For longer-term projects or those with a consistent security demand, purchasing security fencing may be a more beneficial option, in terms of finances and availability. Our fencing options are all built to last, as they are durable and weather resistant. Designed to withstand time and offer longstanding protection.

Construction Temporary Fencing Manchester Airport

Hire or Purchase: Making the right choice

When considering whether to rent or buy your construction site fencing, it’s important to define specifics regarding your project. This will then help to determine which option meets your specific requirements.

Project Duration

For short-term projects, such as renovations or small-scale construction, hiring security fencing may be more cost-effective, however, long-term projects may benefit from the investment in purchasing security fencing, providing continuous protection throughout the construction phase.

Budgetary Considerations

Temporary fencing hire allows for budget flexibility as it eliminates the upfront costs associated with purchasing. It can be a viable option for projects with limited budgets, however, for projects with a long-term outlook, purchasing security fencing ensures a return on investment over time.

Customisation and Adaptability

If customisation or specific features are required, purchasing security fencing could offer greater flexibility. Customisable options can be tailored to the unique needs of the construction site; however, our temporary fencing options can be altered as the project progresses. Temporary fencing or site hoarding can be replaced with a more permanent security fencing solution.

Construction Temporary Fencing Manchester Airport

The Need for Construction Site Security Fencing

  • Deterrence of unauthorised access

Construction sites are vulnerable to trespassing, meaning it is vital that security measures are implemented that not only deter unauthorised personnel but also make attempting to access the site more difficult. Security fencing acts as a strong deterrent and effectively discourages intruders from attempting to breach the site. Our various options for fencing act as a visible barrier, as well as a physical barrier.

  • Preventing Equipment and Materials Theft

The theft of valuable equipment and materials is a significant concern for the construction industry. Security fencing helps to prevent premeditated and opportunistic theft by creating a physical barrier that is difficult to breach. By restricting access points to the site, and introducing anti-climb fencing, our fencing solutions create an additional layer of protection for your construction site.

  • Enhanced Safety for Workers and the Public

From busy cities to rural locations, construction sites are dangerous places for the public due to the heavy machinery and potentially hazardous materials present. By implementing security fencing, a safe and defined perimeter is created, protecting workers from accidental intrusion and ensuring the public remains a safe distance away from the site, reducing the exposure to risk and therefore the potential for accidents.

Construction Site Fencing Options

For over 50 years, CLD has specialised in providing a wide range of industries with security fencing solutions that meet businesses’ specific needs. Our fencing designs are suitable for different kinds of construction sites and can be tailored to suit your project. See a selection of our construction fencing below:

Double Wire Mesh Fencing


This double wire mesh fencing system is made from 8mm horizontal wires, on either side a 6mm vertical wire. Commonly known as 868 fencing, this mesh is difficult for intruders to cut. Available in a range of RAL colours, this fencing is available in various height options up to 6000 mm high.


A welded mesh fencing system that offers a robust and secure line of defence. Available with either 2, 3, 4 or 5 profiles, depending on the height of the fence. This fencing system is held in place by our own unique hidden fixing system, SafeTFix.
V Mesh Fencing


This V-mesh profiled fencing system is the ideal choice for perimeter security fencing. Made using hollow steel posts that measure 60mm x 60mm, this fencing option is a cost-effective variant of our Exempla rigid mesh panel system. Complete with enclosed fixings, and matching clips, these profiled panels are a great security deterrent.
Rental Systems


Our sustainable hoarding solution, HoardSafe is manufactured from composite and recycled plastics. Easily installed, this system can be fixed to blocks or ground buried. This hoarding can also be plastic wrapped with custom designs and reused multiple times.

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Construction site security fencing plays a vital role in enhancing the safety of a site, preventing unauthorised access, and protecting valuable assets. CLD physical security systems offer a wide range of fencing solutions that are available on a temporary or permanent basis, with the ability to hire or buy.

Prioritising construction site security is a proactive step towards ensuring a safe working environment. Whether opting for temporary fencing to address short-term needs or investing in a permanent security solution, construction site managers can rely on CLD’s expertise to safeguard their projects effectively.

Get in touch with a security fencing expert at CLD today. Call us on 01270 764751, email us at info@cld-systems.com, or fill out our contact form and a member of our team will get back to you.

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