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5th July 2023

Enhancing Safety and Security at Events with Temporary Fencing

CLD Physical Security Systems' Temporary Fencing Solutions

As the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of rigid mesh fencing and security gates, CLD Physical Security Systems understands the importance of safety and security at events.

Whether it’s a music festival, a sporting event, or a public event that sees a large number of people gathering in one place, these kinds of events require a temporary security solution.

CLD offers state-of-the-art temporary fencing solutions that present the perfect solution. Our FenceSafe Eclipse and FenceSafe Dulok fencing solutions are two of our flagship products. They are ideal for events that require a temporary security solution and ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for attendees.

Temporary fencing CHOGM

Benefits of Temporary Fencing


Our fencing solutions, whether installed on a permanent or temporary basis, provide a secure physical barrier ensuring that the area that has been fenced is secure and inaccessible unless through defined access points, such as our security gates.


Crowd control

By creating a clearly defined boundary with security fencing, crowds can be separated, helping to maintain order, manage crowd flow, and minimise the risk of accidents and injuries.

Security of assets

The presence of a robust fence impedes individuals from easily accessing a specific area. Through the use of our security solutions, breaching the fence is challenging, meaning the protection of valuable assets and equipment present on the site is ensured.


Theft deterrence

Temporary fencing provides a visible deterrent to potential intruders, vandals and thieves. This barrier is a physical deterrent that is difficult to cross, meaning the likelihood of theft is minimised.

Temporary Barriers CHOGM


Temporary fencing is highly adaptable and can be easily installed, reconfigured, and removed based on the changing needs of an event or site. It offers the flexibility to create designated areas, secure perimeters, and control access points.



Temporary fencing helps event organisers and businesses adhere to health and safety regulations, ensuring that the event or worksite meets legal requirements. It promotes responsible event management and protects both organisers and attendees from liability.

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FenceSafe Eclipse: A Secure and Versatile Solution

The FenceSafe Eclipse is a highly versatile temporary fencing system, combines exceptional strength and durability with an aesthetically pleasing finish. This fencing is manufactured from high-quality steel, meaning it offers a robust barrier that ensures your perimeter fence provides safety and security that can withstand outdoor elements.

Features of FenceSafe Eclipse fencing


Quick and easy installation

The Eclipse system is designed for effortless installation, enabling rapid installation and removal. It has a modular design, meaning the setup of the fencing is efficient, enabling event organisers to focus their time on other aspects of the event.


Anti-climb technology

The Eclipse panels are designed with a rigid mesh pattern, making it extremely difficult for individuals to climb over the fence. The enhanced security feature provides peace of mind for event organisers, attendees, and overall, great levels of safety.


High visibility

The temporary Eclipse fencing panels can be provided in a range of powder-coated RAL colours. The design of this fencing solution offers excellent visibility, whilst acting as a deterrent to potential intruders. Visibility is a huge concern in crowded event spaces. Ensuring clear demarcation between boundaries, and minimising the risk of accidents.

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FenceSafe Dulok: Uncompromising Security Solution

Another exceptional temporary fencing system is designed to deliver uncompromising security solutions for events. FenceSafe Dulok Lite is a sturdy and innovative design that makes it a trusted fencing choice for festivals, music events, and public events that require heightened protection.

Features of FenceSafe Dulok fencing


Heavy-duty design

The Dulok panels are made from galvanised steel, offering maximum strength and durability. It is a robust fencing solution that provides effective security in challenging conditions.


Tamper-proof fixings

This fencing system has tamper-proof fixings that prevent unauthorised persons from damaging, dismantling, or tampering with the fencing. This added layer of protection ensures the integrity of the perimeter remains intact throughout the entirety of the event.


Crowd control

FenceSafe Dulok fencing panels can be tailored to your event’s specific requirements, with optional extras that include pedestrian and vehicle gates to facilitate effective crowd management. This ensures there is control over entry points and therefore control over access to areas.

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Temporary Fencing Across Multiple Industries

Our fencing can be adapted to suit the needs of specific projects and site requirements. Whether installed on a temporary or permanent basis, they provide a clear, secure, and safe demarcation of a boundary. There is a wide range of industries that can benefit from utilising our effective temporary fencing to secure an area

Public events

Temporary fencing plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and security of attendees at festivals, concerts, sporting events, and exhibitions. Assisting in crowd control and securing VIP areas, as well as separating zones, our temporary fencing protects performers and spectators alike.



Temporary fencing is widely used in construction to protect workers, equipment, and the public. It can be utilised to create a perimeter boundary of a site, mark off hazardous areas, prevent theft, control site access, and maintain a secure environment throughout the project.


Industrial and Commercial Facilities

Temporary fencing is employed in commercial and industrial settings like warehouses, factories, storage yards and other industrial facilities in order to enhance security, protect assets, and control access.



Temporary fencing is used by public utilities during maintenance and repair work to safeguard the public from potential hazards by creating a safe barrier around roadwork sites, utility installations, and other public infrastructure projects.



Temporary fencing is a vital component of outdoor music events and festivals, serving to safeguard the well-being and protection of participants, while effectively managing the crowd to ensure a pleasant experience for all. It assists in creating designated areas for stages, food and beverage stalls, restrooms, and parking, while also preventing trespassing and unauthorised entry.

Temporary Security Fencing from CLD

When it comes to securing temporary events, CLD Physical Security Systems’ FenceSafe Eclipse and FenceSafe Dulok provide unmatched reliability and peace of mind. Whether you are organising a festival, sporting event or public event, our temporary fencing solutions ensure the safety, security, and well-being of attendees.

Our commitment lies in delivering worldwide temporary fencing solutions. Our FenceSafe Eclipse and FenceSafe Dulok systems are renowned for their unparalleled durability, hassle-free installation, and state-of-the-art security features. These qualities make them the perfect selection for festivals, sporting events, and any event that requires a temporary security solution.

When it comes to CLD Physical Security Systems, you can have complete confidence that your event will be equipped with dependable, top-notch fencing that places safety as its utmost priority. With our solutions, event organisers and attendees can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that their well-being is safeguarded.

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