3rd August 2023

Enhancing Railway Security

CLD Physical Security Systems provides the highest quality security fencing solutions that can be tailored to railway environments.

Railways are a vital part of the UK’s transport network. Their role in our transport infrastructure facilitates the movement of people and goods from and to every corner of the country. With such critical importance, ensuring the security and safety of rail networks, train stations, and rail tracks is of utmost significance.

Whether this fencing protects the public at train stations, provides a barrier between homes and rail tracks or provides security at train hubs and training facilities. Our comprehensive product range can provide excellent security for railways and the wider rail industry.

HS2 Temporary Fence

Security in the Rail industry

CLD Physical Security Systems goes beyond offering individual security fencing solutions. We provide a holistic approach to railway security by integrating their fencing systems with cutting-edge technology options. These include CCTV surveillance, perimeter detection systems, and alarm monitoring, enabling proactive security management and rapid response to potential threats.

We also offer access control and gates that ensure no authorised personnel can access secure sites, but that enable authorised workers to access an area safely and securely through a designated zone whether on foot or in a vehicle. Our automated gates are seamlessly integrated into our fencing systems.

Railway Fencing

Fencing in and around rail tracks in the UK acts as a crucial deterrent against unauthorised access, trespassing, vandalism, and theft. At CLD, we offer a range of rail fencing options designed to meet the unique security requirements of the railway industry. Our high-quality fencing solutions provide a robust physical barrier, preventing intruders from gaining access to sensitive areas.

Rail Track Fencing

Securing rail tracks is essential to ensure uninterrupted operations and prevent potential hazards. This includes preventing the public from stepping onto the tracks, as well as separating residential areas from the rail tracks. This, therefore, reduces the risk of animals, children, and others from either accidentally or intentionally getting onto the rail tracks.

Our fencing solutions are engineered to provide optimal protection while maintaining the visibility necessary for efficient inspections and maintenance. With fencing constructed with durable materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Train Station Fencing

Train stations are bustling hubs, with hundreds and thousands of people passing through every day. Due to this, it is crucial to create secure environments where passengers, workers, infrastructure, and assets are all protected and secure without affecting day-to-day activities.

Our train station fencing options strike the right balance between security and aesthetics. CLD offers a variety of fencing styles and customisation options to match the unique requirements of each station, big or small.

Railway Fencing Staffordshire Alliance

Network Rail Security

Network Rail is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the UK’s rail infrastructure. As a national business, it faces immense challenges in maintaining security across a vast network. At CLD Systems, we understand these challenges and provide specialised security fencing solutions that comply with Network Rail’s stringent requirements.

Our fencing products offer integrated access control features, such as gates and anti-climb measures, ensuring comprehensive protection for critical railway assets.

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Our innovative security fencing solutions are tailored to the unique needs of the railway and rail industry. We stand at the forefront of providing secure, durable, quality fencing systems that protect assets and people in railway environments. CLD combines expertise with advanced technology options and ensures that railway operators and Network Rail can maintain a secure and safe environment for passengers, staff, and infrastructure.

Get in touch with a member of the CLD team today to discuss our security fencing options. Call us on 01270 764751 or email us at info@cld-systems.com

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