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3rd August 2023

Hoarding VS Mesh Fencing

When it comes to physical security systems, there are two popular options: hoarding fencing and mesh fencing.

Ensuring that your business premises are secure is of the utmost importance, no matter what your industry. Both hoarding and mesh fencing has their advantages, and each has its ideal environment in which they provide the best protection for people and assets.

Uncover the difference between both fencing systems, and the environments in which they work best. Discover what options CLD Systems can offer your business to provide a defined and secure perimeter.

Hoarding Fencing

Ideal for construction sites and temporary security needs, hoarding fencing is also known as site hoarding or construction hoarding.

It is very commonly used during construction projects and for temporary security requirements. This type of fencing creates a solid and impermeable barrier that also offers the highest level of privacy, thus acting as a deterrent against unauthorised access.

Hoarding acts as a visual screen to shield construction activities from public view and creates a safe environment for workers. A robust and durable solution that is ideal for projects of all lengths, hoarding fencing ensures the protection of assets, equipment, and people within a designated area, as well as privacy.


CLD’s HoardSafe is a premium hoarding fencing system designed to meet the needs of construction sites and temporary security applications and environments. This option offers high security and privacy for your business premises or construction site. Constructed using only high-quality, durable materials, HoardSafe withstands adverse weather conditions, ensuring longevity. Available in various heights, lengths, and finishes, including the ability to customise with your own specific branding or messaging. With HoardSafe, businesses can confidently protect premises, providing a temporary and secure perimeter, with very limited visibility. The system can be fixed to blocks or ground buried. CLD’s range of permanent fencing can easily be installed after the hoarding is removed, using the existing posts for added ease and convenience.

sustainable and secure hoarding

HoardSafe Features

  • Sustainable alternative to standard site hoarding
  • Highly durable composite recycled plastic sectional profile
  • BS EN 1991 wind loading tested to in excess of 100 mph
  • Dug-in or surface-mounted foundation options
  • Living Wall solution available via Plant HoardSafe
  • Temporary gates and turnstiles are available to match HoardSafe
  • To hire or purchase
Rigid Mesh Fencing

Mesh Fencing

Suitable for both commercial and industrial applications, CLD Systems mesh fencing provides a range of options to cater to a diverse range of security requirements that different businesses may need.

This type of fencing is very common and can be found in almost every setting. From bus stations, and schools to industrial estates, and government buildings, mesh fencing offers long-term protection for various kinds of business environments. Often referred to as V-mesh, mesh fencing, open mesh, and double-wire mesh, all options offer a flexible security solution. This type of fencing combines strength with an open and visually appealing design, making it perfect for providing various levels of security and protection. For example, mesh fencing is used in zoos and wildlife parks across the world, keeping visitors and animals safe, as well as allowing great viewing for all.


Designed and developed by CLD, Exempla innovative fencing is reliable and innovative. Providing high levels of security, as well as remaining aesthetically pleasing, it can be utilised in residential, commercial, and industrial environments. It offers long-lasting performance in all weather conditions and is produced using galvanised steel, aluminium and is powder-coated.

Available in various heights, lengths, and a range of RAL colours. This system comes with either 2, 3, 4, or 5 profiles, depending on the height of the fence. Designed for quick and simple installation, including up and down slopes, Exempla mesh fencing panels are held in place by CLD’s unique hidden fixing system, SafeTFix. Whether it’s for privacy, security, or decorative purposes, Exempla fencing offers a solution to meet individual requirements.

School Fence Garfield Primary School

Exempla Features

  • 2 to 5 profiles are available
  • Aesthetically pleasing, effortlessly blends in with surroundings
  • Profiled Welded Mesh Fencing
  • Unique ‘SafeTFix’ hidden fixing system
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Wide range of height options
  • A full range of RAL colours is available


An advanced in-ground permanent fencing system, Eclipse prioritises security, strength, and visibility. Designed for security applications such as transport stations, military bases, and critical infrastructure sites or CNI sites. This mesh fencing option offers a robust physical barrier that deters unauthorised access.

The V-mesh panel design consists of interlocking vertical and horizontal wires. Therefore creating a tight and secure mesh pattern that prevents potential intruders from gaining footholds or cutting through the fence. The design of the V-mesh panels offers unobstructed views, enabling security personnel to easily observe the surroundings and respond to potential threats promptly. Eclipse is also constructed using heavy-gauge galvanised steel, ensuring exceptional strength and durability.

Eclipse Features

  • 200 x 50mm V Mesh Apertures
  • 60 x 60 SHS Posts
  • 2.5m and 3.0m Post Centres are available
  • Matching Clips
  • A full range of RAL Colours is available
  • Profiled Panels
  • Enclosed fixings
Double Wire Mesh Fencing


A highly reliable and robust mesh fencing option, Dulok provides a secure barrier for various applications. Built with a double-wire mesh configuration, it’s an excellent choice for locations that require a secure perimeter. The unique construction adds significant strength and rigidity to the fence, making it resistant to cutting and climbing attempts. Made from high-quality materials, including galvanised steel, that ensure long-lasting performance and durability.

The galvanised coating provides excellent resistance against corrosion and environmental elements, extending the lifespan of the fence and minimizing maintenance requirements. Aside from its security benefits, Dulok fencing also offers a clean and aesthetically pleasing appearance. The mesh pattern provides a modern and streamlined look that can seamlessly integrate into various environments, such as commercial properties, schools, parks, and public spaces.

Dulok Features

  • 868 and 656 double-wire mesh fencing options
  • Anti-cut-through panels
  • Full-length clamp bar
  • Sheardrive fixings
  • Wide range of height options (up to 6000 mm high)
  • RAL colours available

Choosing the right fencing system for your business

Construction Sites: Hoarding fencing is specifically designed to secure construction sites, providing privacy and protection during building projects. It acts as a barrier to prevent unauthorised access and shields the site from public view, ensuring safety for workers and assets.

Events: When hosting temporary events, such as festivals or exhibitions, hoarding fencing offers a practical solution to create designated areas, control access, and maintain security throughout the event duration.

Long-term projects/ security needs: Mesh fencing is well-suited for long-term security needs. It is commonly used in commercial and industrial environments to secure properties, warehouses, and perimeters. Mesh fencing offers both security and visibility, making it an ideal choice when aesthetics and functionality are both important.

Public areas: In public areas or residential environments, mesh fencing provides an open and visually appealing solution that complements the surroundings while ensuring security. Its design allows visibility while maintaining a strong physical barrier.

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