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31st August 2023

Enhancing High Security Sites with Automatic Gates

The Future of Access Control

Safeguarding high-security sites has become of paramount importance in recent years. Businesses, government institutions, and critical infrastructure facilities are investing more in their site security.

At CLD, the evolution and advances in technology have meant we can create more innovative solutions that put us at the forefront of physical security.

One such revolutionary advancement is the integration of automatic security gates. They offer unparalleled access control and fortified protection. We understand the significance of securing high-risk locations, and how our solutions are transforming the landscape of physical security solutions.

Swing Gate

The Evolution of Security Gates

The traditional security gates relied upon human intervention, but these days are gone. Enter the era of automated security gates. A fusion of cutting-edge technology and meticulous design. Our access control systems are powered by modern technology that allow businesses to take a multi-faceted approach to security. Blending convenience, efficiency, and impenetrable protection.

High Security Fence and Gates

Access Control Redefined

Controlling the access is a vital part of any security system. Automated security gates elevate access control to unprecedented levels. Allowing for seamless management of entry and exit points. With the ability to integrate with various authentication methods such as keycards, biometrics, and remote access systems, these gates ensure that only authorised personnel can access a site.

S2 Security Gate

CLD’s Automated Gate Options 

1. Swing Gates

A popular variant of the automated security gates. They offer a harmonious blend of aesthetic appeal and robust security. Crafted with precision engineering, swing gates serve as a functional barrier that controls access to a business site. These gates swing open and closed elegantly, making them an ideal choice for locations where style meets substance. Well-suited for corporate headquarters, upscale residences, and exclusive resorts

Cantilever Gate

2. Sliding Gates

Our sliding gates exemplify the fusion of innovation and security. They provide an alternative solution that excels in spaces where space optimisation is vital. Crafted with precision by our team of experts, they showcase advanced access control technology. Our sliding gates maximise security, without compromising on aesthetics.

Temporary Mesh Fencing

3. Temporary Gates

For high-security sites that require adaptability or a temporary gate solution, we can provide a solution. Our gates can be implemented on both a permanent and a temporary basis. Providing a flexible barricade that can be installed and removed as per the need. They are ideal for managing crowds, and any unauthorised person from accessing a certain area. Or, alternatively from protecting both the public and workers on construction sites.

speed gate

Advantages of Automated Security Gates

The integration of automated security gates into high-security sites presents a multitude of advantages that exceed traditional security measures:

1. Enhanced Security

Automated security gates act as a robust barrier against potential threats. Their reliable construction and advanced access control mechanisms deter unauthorised access. Reducing any intrusion attempts and safeguarding valuable assets.


2. Efficient Access Management

Gone are the days of manual access control, which often led to delays. Automated gates streamline the access process, make accessing a site quicker and more efficient. Automated gates streamline the entry process, reducing bottlenecks and ensuring smooth traffic flow.


3. Remote Monitoring and Control

Automated gates can be monitored and controlled remotely. This feature empowers security personnel to manage access points from a centralised location. This adds an extra layer of security, safety, as well as convenience.

Cutting-Edge Materials

Our sports fencing products are crafted from high-quality materials that ensure longevity and durability. Whether it’s for a professional sports arena or a community recreation facility, our fencing solutions stand the test of time. Made from open mesh steel, many of our access control systems have been designed to blend seamlessly with their fencing equivalent.

Metal Railings

Securing the Future with Automated Gates

As the world becomes more interconnected, and security threats grow, high-security sites must adapt and evolve their physical security systems. Meeting challenges head-on with innovative and effective solutions. Automated security gates emerge as the future of access control, combining technological prowess with unwavering protection. 

At CLD Systems, we are at the forefront of the revolution of security systems. Offering not only state-of-the-art automated gates that are reliable but access systems that seamlessly integrate with your wider fencing systems.

Contact us today to explore our range of automated security gates or speak to a CLD expert regarding your fencing and gate needs. Call us on 01270 764751 or email us at info@cld-systems.com

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