21st September 2023

CLD Physical Security Systems Achieves Planet Mark Business Certification

We are proud to announce our achievement of reaching the Planet Mark business certification. This milestone underscores our commitment to environmental sustainability, marking a significant advancement within the physical security industry.

The Planet Mark certification is a globally recognised accolade that signifies an organisation’s dedication to reducing its environmental footprint and fostering a culture of sustainability. To obtain this esteemed certification, CLD Physical Security Systems underwent a rigorous assessment of our environmental performance, demonstrating that we have taken meaningful steps to minimise our carbon emissions, conserve resources, and promote responsible business practices.

This certification exemplifies the vision for a more sustainable and eco-conscious approach to security solutions. Achieving the Planet Mark certification aligns with CLD’s broader corporate responsibility goals, reinforcing our commitment to creating a safer and more environmentally sustainable world.

Key Highlights of CLD Physical Security Systems’ Sustainability Efforts:

Reduced Carbon Emissions: We have implemented energy-efficient technologies and processes throughout our operations, significantly reducing our carbon emissions. This reduction not only benefits the environment but also demonstrates our dedication to climate action.

Resource Conservation: We have taken steps to minimise waste and promote resource conservation by adopting sustainable procurement practices and encouraging recycling and reuse wherever possible.

Industry Implications: CLD’s achievement of the Planet Mark certification carries significant implications for the physical security industry as a whole.

Here’s why the industry implications if this achievement are of paramount importance:

Setting a New Standard: This certification sets a new benchmark for sustainability within the physical security industry, encouraging other companies to follow suit and adopt eco-friendly practices.

Enhancing Reputation: The certification enhances CLD’s reputation as an industry leader, showcasing our commitment to responsible business practices and sustainability.

Client Trust: Clients seeking security solutions are increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of their choices. Our certification gives clients confidence in our commitment to sustainability.

In an industry where innovation and reliability are paramount, CLD Physical Security Systems has demonstrated that sustainability is equally vital. By achieving the Planet Mark business certification, we are not only working to protect the environment but also to reinforce our position as a trusted partner in providing cutting-edge security solutions.

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