27th October 2023

Railway Security Fencing

Protecting Rail Tracks and Commuters

We recognise the role that security plays in preventing trespassing and protecting passengers.

Railway security is an essential component of modern transportation infrastructure. We not only ensure the safety of commuters. We also safeguard the operational integrity of the rail network.


Our comprehensive product range offers a wide array of security solutions. Designed to protect railways and the broader rail industry. Whether it’s safeguarding passengers at train stations or creating a barrier between homes and tracks. Our solutions are versatile and adaptable.

S2 Security Gate

Controlling Access with PrecisionControlling Access with Precision

Access control is a critical aspect of railway security. Our strategically designed gates, integrate with our fencing systems. Ensuring that only authorised personnel can access secure sites. These gates offer a designated zone for safe and secure entry, whether on foot or in a vehicle. This level of precision in access control minimises security risks and allows smooth operations.

Deterrence and Protection

Fencing in and around rail tracks in the UK serves as a vital deterrent against unauthorised access, vandalism, and theft. Not only is it about preventing trespassers from endangering themselves or disrupting operations. But also separating residential areas from the rail tracks.

Case Study: Securing Staffordshire Alliance’s Railway

The Alliance project addressed one of the last remaining bottlenecks on the West Coast Main Line.

To ensure this section was secured effectively a robust solution was implemented. We provided 11 kilometres of Dulok Railway Fencing and 16 Lockmaster Swing Gates.

The engineering of our fencing solutions provides optimal protection. Constructed with durable materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions. Our quality options, ensure uninterrupted operations and the safety of the general public.

Monument Safety Fencing

Temporary Security Barriers for Construction

During construction and maintenance, railway companies need a temporary solution. We offer temporary fencing to ensure that work sites remain secure. We provide a flexible and effective means to safeguard construction zones. Preventing unauthorised access and ensuring safety for workers and the public.

CLD Systems Installer Partners

Our commitment to railway security

It extends beyond addressing immediate needs. We offer both temporary fencing and maintain permanent protection.

The railway industry that relies on safe and secure operations, We stand as a trusted partner, offering tailored security solutions that provide peace of mind for rail networks.

If you are looking for more information on how we can support your railway needs with our wide range of products then get in touch with us on 01270 764751 or drop an email info@cld-systems.com

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