Rental systems

  • Site Fencing

    FenceSafe Dulok Lite

    On-ground/temporary multi-purpose double wire panel system

    Need a temporary fencing solution that’s both durable and sustainable? FenceSafe Dulok...
  • Temporary Physical Security

    FenceSafe Eclipse

    On-ground/temporary v-mesh profiled rigid mesh panel

    Looking for a temporary event fencing solution that’s just as strong as a rigid mesh...
  • Temporary Pulse Fencing


    Temporary Monitored Pulse Fencing

    Two major players in physical perimeter security have joined forces to create a ground-breaking...
  • sustainable and secure hoarding


    Secure & Sustainable Hoarding System

    CLD’s HoardSafe is a line of durable and secure hoarding that’s both eco-friendly...
  • Rental Systems

    HoardSafe S1

    Site Security Hoarding to LPS 1175 A1 (SR1) Issue 8

    HoardSafe S1 is a top-of-the-line hoarding system that offers both security and functionality....
  • ModSec Base

    Modular Physical Security System

    Modsec is a game-changing modular physical security system that provides an unmatched level...
  • ModSec Dulok S1

    Modular Physical Security System with High Security Fencing to LPS 1175 (SR1) Issue 8

    Modsec Dulok S1 pairs our highly versatile mesh fencing system, Dulok S1, with our innovative...
  • ModSec Securus S1

    Modular physical security system with security fencing to LPS 1175 A1 (SR1) Issue 8

    ModSec Securus S1 is an innovative installation system that features CLD’s Securus S1...

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