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LockMaster S1

LPS 1175 S1 Security Rated Swing Gates

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CLD’s LockMaster S1 swing gates are designed to provide a secure and cohesive access point for your CLD fence line. Available in several mesh options, including Dulok S1, Dulok 25 S1, Securus S1, and Ultimate Extra S1, these gates offer a high level of security while maintaining a visually appealing look that complements your fence system.

For more technical details, please download our Q40 specification or product data sheet.


  • Rigorously tested by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) to guarantee a minimum delay of 60 seconds against attack
  • Secured by Design accredited, making it a police preferred specification for security
  • Available in different mesh options to match your fence line
  • Double and single leaf opening
  • Front, rear or center hung