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PedMaster Single

Single turnstile

  • 1061

PedMaster Single turnstiles are the ultimate solution to prevent unauthorized access through piggybacking and tailgating, eliminating the need for constant guard supervision. Whether it’s reception areas, schools, public buildings, or military bases, these turnstiles meet high standards and are perfect for controlling access in various environments.

We offer both bi-directional and single-direction operation, giving you the flexibility to customize their usage along your fence line. Crafted from durable mild or stainless steel, our turnstiles ensure long-lasting, maintenance-free performance. You can easily secure and commission them as they come in ready-to-use units that can be securely bolted down.

For more detailed information, feel free to download our Product Datasheet and Q40 Specification. Invest in the best and protect your premises with CLD’s reliable PedMaster Single turnstiles.


  • Force Tested to 1200 Newtons
  • Seamlessly forms part of the existing fence lines
  • Bi-directional or single direction only
  • All RAL colors available (galvanised optional cost)