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Vertical Bar Metal Railings

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Our FlexaRail system is a highly sought-after option for schools and playgrounds when it comes to safety perimeters. Designed with a standard bow top that meets the safety regulations set by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA) for play areas, it’s no wonder why this system is a crowd favorite.

For more in-depth technical details, you can download our Q40 specification or product data sheet.


  • Metal Railings with Bow Top, Vertical Bar, Finial and ROSPA options
  • Self Raking Railing System 9.75° for Raking Angle for PlaySafe 12.75° for Vertical Bar
  • Follows ground contours, so no stepping is required
  • Large range of styles with our standard bow top a popular choice
  • RAL colors available
  • Heights starting from 35.4in up to 94.4in