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Securus S3

358 Rigid Mesh Security Fencing System to LPS 1175 C5 (SR3) Issue 8

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Securus S3 is the ultimate solution for high-risk sites such as Data Centers. Certified to LPS 1175 C5 (SR3) Issue 8, it provides a minimum of 5 minutes delay against attacks using tools like axes, bolt cutters, and hacksaws. The Securus S3 is made from twin 358 anti-climb panels, making it exceptionally hard to penetrate or vandalize. With most of the fixings hidden, the Securus S3 is the perfect option for sites that require a high level of security.

For more information on the technical specifications, please download our Q40 specification or product data sheet.


  • Supplied as assembled cassettes for faster intallation
  • Tested and certified to the latest LPS 1175 C5 (SR3) security standard
  • Polyester powder coated in a full range of RAL Colors including marine grade
  • Minimum of 11.8in ground bury to prevent under digging
  • Can be used with any hostile or non-hostile security topping
  • Secured by Design accredited