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Dulok S1

Security Rated Double Wire Panel System

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CLD Dulok S1 is a heavy-duty fencing system made from weld mesh twin wire LPS 1175 A1 panels. The panels feature 0.3in horizontal wires welded on both sides of 0.2in vertical wires, providing excellent strength and durability. Unlike other fencing systems that use pin hex screws, CLD Dulok S1 is fixed to galvanized steel posts using Sheardrive security bolts, making it virtually impossible for vandals and intruders to remove.

If you need more technical information about CLD Dulok S1, you can download our Q40 specification or product data sheet.


  • 7.8 x 1.9in Mesh Aperture
  • Twin 0.3in horizontal wires with 0.2in vertical
  • High security anti-cut, 868 double weld mesh panels
  • Range of height options
  • Secured by Design accredited system
  • LPS 1175 A1
  • Full range of RAL colors available
  • Additional Security Toppings Available
  • Full length clamp bar