On Ground & Temporary Systems


Temporary Monitored Pulse Fencing

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Two major players in physical perimeter security have joined forces to create a ground-breaking solution for temporary protection. CLD Physical Security Systems, the largest manufacturer and supplier of rigid mesh fencing and security gates in the United Kingdom, and Gallagher Security, the leading global provider of perimeter intrusion detection systems, are proud to introduce FenceSafe-E.

If you’re looking for more detailed technical information, you can download our Q40 specification or product datasheet.


  • Profiled Mesh 7.8 x 1.9in Apertures - FenceSafe Eclipse
  • Double Wire Mesh 7.8 x 1.9inApertures - FenceSafe Dulok-Lite
  • 358 Mesh 3 x 0.49in Apertures - FenceSafe Securus Lite
  • Monitored Pulse Fencing
  • Pre-Assembled Modular Returns
  • Pre-Assembled Modular Adjustable Corners
  • Pre-Assembled Modular End Sections
  • Heights of 6.5ft and 7.8ft Fencing
  • Zero Ground Strike
  • Rapid Deployment