On Ground & Temporary Systems

ModSec Dulok S1

Modular Physical Security System with High Security Fencing to LPS 1175 (SR1) Issue 8

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Modsec Dulok S1 pairs our highly versatile mesh fencing system, Dulok S1, with our innovative installation system, Modsec base.

Installed at ground level or as a trench system, this security solution features an in-built channel for wires or services that enable easy installation of CCTV, PIDS and other electronic devices.

With twin 8mm horizontal wires either side of the 6mm vertical wire, this security rated mesh fencing system is tested and certified to LPS 1175 A1 (SR1) Issue 8, guaranteeing a minimum delay against attack of 60 seconds.

View our Product Data Sheet and Q40 Specifcation to find out more.


  • High security anti-cut double wire panels
  • Secured by Design accredited system
  • Can be used on flat ground of gradients
  • In-built channel for wires or services that enable installation of electronic devices like CCTV, PIDS