On Ground & Temporary Systems

RiseMaster HE

24/7 365 Off-Grid Solar Autonomy Barrier System

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Introducing the RiseMaster HE Barrier – an eco-friendly and innovative solution to your access control needs. This fully autonomous, off-grid solar-powered automatic boom arm barrier system is not only sustainable, but also compliant with the Safety Force Test EN 12453:2017.

Available in both surface mount and permanent versions, the RiseMaster HE Barrier is equipped with photovoltaic panels, eliminating the need for road crossing cabling. Its FenceSafe Battery Container ensures the system stays in static equilibrium, housing the batteries within the same container.

For more information, download our Product Data Sheet and Q40 Specification.


  • 24/7 365 Off-Grid Solar Autonomy
  • Zero Carbon Emissions over 10 Year Life Cycle
  • Continuous flanged post made from high strength steel
  • No electrical supply required
  • 4G WiFi connectivity
  • WiFi access control
  • Wired safety devices to CAT2 accreditation
  • Intelligent force limitation
  • Remote support & first line response